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How To Learn Sign Language


what I think about it when my favorite
memories is actually a little funny i was only by it was a big family
gathering and everybody brought their bikes I think home to the park was probably
I’d say a good two and a half three miles after driving to the park they
removed the blacksmith car to start playing around the kids were out on the
bikes is having a great time maybe about 20 or 30 minutes later I was
lost and we were separated and I had to figure out what’s it where was we couldn’t find it looked all
over and over we could find and I didn’t know what to do i was alone I was nine or eight years old I thought
he’s got to be at all we drove home and as we rounded the corner there it was
that bicycle was part of it was just sitting there waiting for us and I
looked over and my mom pulled up we found him I could not believe it he was just sitting there Oh perfect
he’s a very adventurous boy he’s not the kind of boy just sit and
wait for things to happen he’s very curious you want to know what’s out
there that industry is hasbro and we make it for you I just want to do it even if people are
saying no don’t i don’t want to live my life with this ok just be yourself the deaf community truly understands
what we need and we look together and we use our death ecosystem we can go so far
we could go to different places bigger places better yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah hey I’m Niall Niall so hashtag death talent is really
important for a long time many roles in many positions have been taken by
hearing people when you were written for you hashtag death talent would help people
search for deaf to fit those roles we show them that there are many
talented people out there that are death through family and friends who use combo
i thought i should use convo and while the interpreter out of this
world when I signed them I feel like are they deaf Plus being that bone that’s a huge bonus
for me I’ve always thought that people should
use the phone companies my whole family lives in one big house
that’s the way it’s always been since I was born I was born to my parents but
also my grandparents and my own what do you think ahead I’ll trying to be with you my family is very close it’s a not you can’t break rent I we moved to Texas my grandparents moved
with us we move to maryland we stuck together when I think family is the
entire family in one ounce . you think i’ll make it we’ll see yeah before a ATM i did have a strategy on
what to do on a reality competition show and how to win it until friend told me
you just be yourself if people are ready love you it was a
different experience yeah a draining experience my language access was gone
it was tough and I realized that the deaf community is my community . they mean a lot to me i always say that
I would never be wary and if it were not for them yeah now I look at him and he’s all grown up
and he’s even more handsome than me surprised yeah yeah every sunday at the whole family gets
together we have italian food pasta meat loaf of bread really if there is a family core it’s
the dinner table you know not many families realize that
dinner time is a very critical moment our family always support each other
raising children love and respect each other she makes the best homemade cake I’m happy that you’ve experienced this
because I grew up that way yeah yeah I want to thank you for being there when
I went through some really difficult times and that’s where you learn from
Family Values you helped me heal Thank You nyle of course anything for my mother I’ll
always be there I love you I am Nile I am fearless random and real yeah

100 Replies to “MEET MY DEAF FAMILY | Nyle DiMarco”

  • Please change the captions so the word "death" is not used instead of "deaf"! There is a lot of DEAF talent out there, not DEATH talent! Thank you.

  • Not to be rude but if you your parents KNEW they had a big chance of having deaf children, why did they condamn them to live a life with a disability? You will say that's not a disability to you but the truth is that it is.

  • I love Convo! Thanks Nyle for being brave and also defining that Deaf foljs anything but hear via ears. We hear with pur eyes ( what beautiful eyes Nyle! But best? Your inner Deaf heart

  • I am not deaf but I have a disabled son and some of his friends are deaf. I never thougat ht to learn sign but Nile made me realize just how important the language of sign is. Thanks Nile.
    I am not fluent in sign yet but I am pretty good. I plan on teaching it as a volunteer summer program

  • Brother I'm looking deaf frnds I'm eager to learn in ASL but I cnt afford to go to spend money in school,

  • it’s really sad that in a video about a Deaf community member the caption say #DeathTalent instead of #DeafTalent like you’d think that of any video to properly caption this would be the one

  • You are an awesome spokesperson for the deaf. My son was born deaf, we are hearing. I know things are harder for him, and growing up he didn't have a lot of male deaf role models. The kids today will look up to you and say that they can do it, too, just like Nyle. Great job and enjoy your life. You make me smile.

  • Nyle is just as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside. OMG that outside!!! LOL! I am married and 55 years old, but I can still get butterflies when I see his beautiful smiling face.❀️

  • No matter what you look real good inside and out you are Loved no matter whatπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜
    My son is 24 autistic nonverbal but he knows a few sign language and he’s my whole Life I Love him with all my heart and soul I never think of him any different I joy being around him he makes me very happy 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  • I sell merchandise on the streets….street vendor. There are two deaf people…a female and male always communicating with me….and sometimes I get so embarrassed because I dont know any sign language…so a lot of times…She grabs my hand and make letters in my palm or I have to right the stuff down. This been going on for almost 2 years now. I should learn sign language.

  • I love this! I grew up in deaf home both my parents being deaf but my brother and i are hearing both my parents were hearing but lost hearing as children. My father lost his due to scarlet fever at 17 mos. My mother lost hers to abnormal bone growth that blocked her ear canal but truly deaf community accepted all of us and were very tight as community. But unfortunately our hearing family members weren't so accepting they wouldn't even learn sign to communicate with my parents. But back then when they went to school was very difficult for them as my mother had to learn sign from a 7 year old girl when she was 13 yrs old. Signing in school was forbidden in school. Teachers used to slap kids hands with rulers if caught. My parents raised us to be very proud to be deaf. Never viewing it as handicap which we always frowned on when people called them mother frowned on deaf peddlers looking for handouts aswe would come across them from time to time. She would always encourage them. She wouldn't even claim diability from social security as she stated its not a disability but a blessing but she always believe in work. There's work for everyone just gotta try. My parents were blessed to be in right places.but also very proudful alot of deaf were always surprised to hear mymother never collected from government. Like most deaf do. My mother hated handouts as she stated even when my father died and she ended up having to workbut she didnt have to but even in poor health her doctors advised her to go on social security but she would shoutnot for my deafness but for her ailments. She gave in.but sadly she never saw it because she died before getting her answer but if she wouldve known what i found out when i was 15. She wouldnt have to work or worry so much.i still have fond memories from my childhood and still run into deaf from time to time. I taught my daughter to sign so she could understand her grandparents language she is blessed to learn sign but i found myself in hospital signing while under gas no one could understand me as they kept saying to me. I gave up teying to communicate through signing but it was funny!!fortunately my daughter was ther for one time and she translatwd for her first time!!doctors were blown away because i had a stroke they weren't expecting a hearing person to sign to them. Thank you Nyle for opening your world and showing fearless as my parents taught me too you can do anything!!deaf proud!!

  • Inspiring, amazing and I learned sign language because of my friends who are deaf. The deaf community and culture is amazing! β™₯️

  • Just beautiful!!πŸ™ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
    Many blessings Nyle❀️

  • Hi I'm not death but I love watching you guys communicate. I'm trying teach myself a bit of sign language because I think it's important to know because you never know who you will meet in life. But I just opened up YouTube and saw your video in my stream and I clicked on and you guys brought a smile to my face. Thank you for sharing.

  • How do deaf people learn sign language without knowing it is

    I'm not trying to be mean I just want to know sorry to anybody who thinks this is offensive no offense

  • I wish i had a beautiful face, a muscular body, and a huge penis. This guy has all of the above, but i am sure he would do anything to talk. I think I should be happy with whatever i have

  • I just ❀️ seeing vlogs of All people it gives so much insight into how much YouTube is versatile and reaches out to all communities it helps young and old deal with problems and non problems it reminds us we're not alone it's just a HUGE community that embrace you and we're lucky to have it and by seeing this vlog only amplifies it even more so Thank You 😊 Nyle for giving us a piece of what your life is like I will be looking forward for more things to come and Thank You YouTube for opening doors πŸšͺ for this reason Unity Educating and Embracing ALL πŸ™πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

  • Hi nice to meet you and your family I have hearing but I dated a deaf guy and met a few other people who are deaf and hearing impaired I always have close caption on my tv and on YouTube.

  • para no hablar lo hacen muy rapido!!!!!

    caramba mueven muy rapido las manos tambien tienen que comprender y hacerlo mas lento para que le podamos entender

  • Incredible family ever that can do anything in life I’m so proud of you keep being you ❀️❀️❀️❀️

  • Nyle DiMarco is s great actor, dancer and model. He doesn't let his deafness stop him from doing what he wants to do. I love him. He is so drop dead gorgeous.

  • You have a wonderful family, that many people only dream about. I loved watching your family chatting:) Stay happy and close to them.

  • Nyle creo que Dios es muy grande al verte creado a su imagen y semejanza ,estΓ‘s demostrando al mundo que todo se puede sin importar raza o limitaciΓ³n , religion estΓ‘s demostrando que la humildad y la nobleza de lleva en el alma πŸ‘ΌπŸ’– Dios te bendiga.

  • AMAZING!!!! The term "deaf ecosystem" was so impactful! I have never heard it before. The moment between Nyle & his Mom… I started tearing up. Beautiful moment. Thank you for creating and sharing!

  • Very cool! Runs in my family too–numerous great aunts and uncles were Deaf, and in my immediate family I am the only one without some level of impairment (though we are still considered Hearing). I used to sign a little as a kid but when my older relatives passed away I lost what little sign I had, so I'm hoping to relearn in the near future. I just downloaded The ASL App to help me get started; thank you!

  • I'm not hearing impaired, but I was soooooo happy when cell phones started using text messages. This has to be life changing. I used to work with a hearing impaired man. He taught us to sign.

  • I'm so sorry that you all are deaf! I wish we lived a bit closer to the time when we can correct that perfectly with cybernetic implants! I think you all are great people!

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