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Media, Music, Communication and Cultural Studies

What the Department of Media offers, which
is very distinct from other media degrees is it offers
a blend of theory and production and practise. That production and practise is made even
more distinct by the fact it set in some of the
best facilities in Australia. We have screen facilities. We have dance studios. We have a digital
newsroom and students, they get that practical knowledge of some of the
most contemporary technology that new studios and other media industries
are using. When our students leave to university, our
graduates from the Media Department are media-ready. They’re industry-ready straight away. They can walk into a job and they have all
the skills ready to go. My music degree at Macquarie University has
really set me out to have a really good career in music,
if that’s as a singer or looking into music business or as a producer. I really feel that I’ll be
able to get in the industry.

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