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Media Communications at Humber

[music plays throughout] [Hayley] I chose the Media
Communications program at Humber because when I was looking through
the different descriptions of all the courses
we were gonna be taking, it was really
exactly what I wanted. I wanted something that was hands on
and something that was creative, and I saw
that we were gonna be learning, uh, how to use
all the different Adobe software, we were gonna be shooting
in the studio, we were gonna be
doing videography and design, and I just wanted
to have a taste of it all. [Cathy Bidini]
Media Communications at Humber is a two year diploma program
that prepares students to be multi-skilled
media professionals We offer a very valuable
one semester internship program, where students have the opportunity
to gain real world experience. [David Chisholm] My current role
at, ah, Budds’ BMW and Mini is, uh, Marketing Manager. I do everything
from Google Analytics, to e-mail campaigns,
to mobile optimization, um, for the website
and apps that we build. Uh, I’m the brand ambassador
at events, so I take the cars out
and speak to people who may not know anything
about BMW. The internship, uh, placement
is a huge opportunity, uh, getting your foot
in the door somewhere that is an industry that you
wanna work in or gain experience in. And as soon as I was done the program,
I got hired on full-time here, and it’s been three and a half years now
since then. [Hayley]
Well all the faculty, as well, at Humber are experts in their field, so it’s really interesting
to get their expertise from out in the field and have that
brought into the classroom. [Julie Kaczorowski]
I picked Humber because I heard that there was a high chance
of getting a job afterwards, and that was appealing to me. Currently,
I work at TC Media. I’ve just be hired on
as their on-staff editor. I knew I loved storytelling, and I knew that I like
to pull an emotion out of somebody, and the Media Communications program
definitely gave me that strength. [Avalon] I’ve always
had an interest in photography, and, coming to Humber,
I just had very basic knowledge of it. But Humber really defined that skill
and taught me a lot more, and also showed me
how I could make a career out of it. So now I have an internship, but I have so much more
than just the photography skill. [Cathy] Our graduates are working
in many areas of the industry. From social media, photography,
editing, production, website development –
they’re everywhere. [Hayley] I really do feel like,
from being here, that I would be an asset to a marketing
and communications company, or that kind of in-house position. I really wanna be able to utilize all the different skills
that I’ve learned here at Humber. [David] There’s a wide variety
of courses that you are going to take, but just soak up
as much of it as you can because out in the real workforce,
it’s gonna put you ahead immensely. [music fades out]

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