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Mayor Pete Buttigieg Confronts Jimmy About His Impression (in Seven Different Languages)

-I’m the avocado toast
of the Democratic Party. [ Cheers and applause ] -Oh, hey. Fallon. -Pete Buttigieg? Are you on the show tonight? -Uh, no. God, no. I’m doing Seth. -Oh, of course, yeah. -But I did see your little
sketch from the other night. -Oh. Yeah? -Didn’t — Didn’t
really look like me. -Really?
It kinda, little bit looked like you, right? -Ehh, not really. -Yeah? Oh, since you’re here, do you
want to do a little quick interview while
you’re here? -Yeah, sure. -How’s the campaign going? -Great. You know, we’ve been
travelling the country, the message is resonating. People are really excited about a new generation of leadership. -Yeah, I mean, you’re
only 37, right? -That’s right, yeah. -What do you say when people say you’re too young
to be president? -Well, hey, I got more government experience
than the president. I got more executive experience
than the vice president. I got more military experience
than anybody to walk into that office since George H.W. Bush. -Pretty convincing. -Yeah. Not too bad for the boy
who became mayor, was that it? -Sorry about that. You know, I’m
just gonna make some jokes. I’m going to make fun of your
last name, how to spell it, the 20 languages that you speak. You know, just a little
comic relief. -Yeah, yeah. Sure. [ Speaking foreign language ] -Como? [ Conversing in Spanish ] [ Conversing in Italian ] [ Conversing in French ] [ Conversing in
foreign languages ] -Mm! -Hey, I got an idea. Why don’t we continue this
interview on our show? May 13th? -Hi, I’m Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and I’ll be on “The Tonight
Show” on May 13th. [ Speaking foreign language ] ♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ]

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