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Mavrick Fisher pleads not guilty to murder

Today Mavrick Fisher
appeared before the Lake County Courthouse
and pleaded not guilty and denied his murder charge. So now, Mr. Fisher
pleads not guilty. He denies all the charges. There was a big screen
that blocked the view of Mavrick and the public defender. There were arguments for bail. Before there was
a “no bail” set, but after arguments that said
Mavrick has no criminal history, the judge decided
on a $1 million bail. I’m really concerned
about public safety, because he did flee to Mexico. I feel he could flee again,
and it would put the community in danger. I’m asking for no bail. He wants to let
you know that he was planning
to come here. He tried to contact the Lake
County Police at the beginning, he was stressed. First of all, he never had
this happen to him before. No history of anything,
he did not break the law or was accused of
trying to hurt people. Nothing. I feel that when you say
he is a public threat, there is no sense for that,
no foundation for that. I’ve heard both sides. I feel there is no facts
for me to set “no bail.” I feel that we need to set
a bail and I will set a bail. He was arrested in Mexico. He fled the U.S. and
tried to avoid police. So I feel that
you could flee again. And it seems like
there is no other way to make sure it’s safe
for the community or to people so I will post bail
at $1 million dollars. One million dollars bail. This means if Mavrick’s family
and advocates wants him to get out of jail while they await
for future court dates, they will have to come up
with a $100,000 for the bond. I just talked with
Mavrick’s mother, Michelina, and they said
they are going to set up a GoFundMe or some other way
to come up with $100,000 to let Mavrick out of jail
while awaiting trial. That’s their plan now. There were two
communication advocates from the DCARA office
in Santa Rosa. They observed
the interpreting process. They said there were
some issues and would provide
feedback to the court. They said the big screen that
blocked the view is normal as to allow the attorney
and Mavrick to have private discussions. Last night I met with two
people who support Mavrick and are members of
his family, Emily Renault, who is the mother of Mavrick’s
baby – they had a relationship in the past and are still
in contact with each other – and the second
person is Michelina, who is the mother of Mavrick. Both of them want to
share remarks with you. I was heartbroken
when I found out because he is
my son’s father. He needs his father the most. I’m a mother, yes,
but I know my son needs a father, too. I’m grieving as well because
I feel bad for Grant’s family. I do feel grief
because it is unfortunate, it is not fun or
“funny news,” you know. I am very heartbroken.
I feel so bad. I feel so bad. I’m just going to let
the police, detectives, and the lawyer
to do their jobs, to collect all
the information. I want my son Mavrick to come
back home as soon as possible. Now, what is next? The public hearing
on October 23. Based on my previous research,
what will happen is that the prosecutor (the D.A.) and
Mavrick’s defense attorney will provide arguments
to the judge, in which the judge will listen
and make a decision on if they are going
to go to trial. He will decide that. If he decides to go to trial,
it is not clear how long it will take before it happens. For now, October 23
is the next event. Captioned by

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