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How To Learn Sign Language

Matt Speaks Sign Language, Can’t Pick Up Sydney’s Signs – Bachelor in Paradise

And kissing Matt,
yeah, that would be nice. Is your family still together? – Yeah, so, I–I don’t know
if you remember, but I actually have
two deaf parents. – Yeah.
– And a deaf brother. So I grew up in a family
where sign language is our first language. – That’s amazing.
– Yeah. – Do–can you teach me
sign language? – Yeah, what do you wanna know? – What’s, like, finding love? – So, finding love. – Finding love.
– Finding love. – I like the little…
– It’s kind of like picking… – Picking…
– Love. – Aww, that’s good.
– Yeah, Finding love. – I like that.
Thank you. – And “The Bachelor” is this. – Bachelor.
– Yep. – And then kiss me
is like this. – Just like this. – So, like, two lips,
like, kiss. Yeah.
– I like that. [laughs] – Um…I don’t know.
What are some other good ones? – Kiss me… [uneasy music] ♪ ♪ – What are my parents
gonna think right now? My mom is gonna fricken’
kill me if I’m, like, making out
with chicks and stuff. She’s gonna kill me.
That’s why I’m so scared. Out of respect for you,
and out of respect for myself, I think–I think just the time
needs to be right and all that stuff, so…
– Yeah, totally. Yes, I would like to kiss Matt
like, for sure, but als–I think he’s, like, getting used this experience. But hopefully, in the future, I don’t have to hold his hand
through the whole process. We’ll have, like, tonight.
– Oh, perfect. – We can, like, go to the bar
and chill, and, like… – Okay.
– Watch the ocean. – Okay,
be a little more organic. – Yeah. – Eventually,
I do wanna kiss Sydney. She’s beautiful,
and she’s really sweet. But right now,
I just–I really just wanna
get to know her better–
we’re kind of just having fun,

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