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MATLAB Image Processing: Gesture Control using Webcam Project Code [HD]

Hi, Every One! My name is Manish Kumar.
And today, I am gonna to show you my awesome project on Matlab Software. Here, What I’m
gonna to do is that, I’m gonna to control all my Laptop activities
and applications without using mouse and touch pad.
I’ll do some color gestures by hand in front of webcam to control all mouse activities. Here, I am gonna to use certain colors for
specific tasks like, Red color: for moving mouse pointer
Blue colror: for click mouse button &Green color: for scrolling options
So , now , let me perform this. And you certainly gonna to enjoy for the next couple of minutes. What actually I’ll do,
Here, on the desktop , there is a video file of your popular moonwalk by Micheal Jakson.
I’m just gonna to play this video without touching my laptop.I.E ONLLY DOING SOME GESTURES
FROM DISTENCE. So, lets begin…. oh! my God! thats amazing! Now , you can notice the scrolling of pdf
file. Thats it. I hope you have enjoyed my project.
If , you really wanna go into details about how it works , then plese click on my another
video here. But before that , you may appreciate my piece
of work. Please hit like this video and subscribe for MORE future updates.
Thank you!

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