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Math in ASL: Long Division taught in American Sign Language (ASL)

Hello, hello, hello… What’s up? Welcome to another math video. This time
what are we going to do? Long division. That’s right. Now I know maybe you’re
thinking that long division is boring. I hate it! Or maybe you’re thinking: “I’d rather kill myself,” but I promise all of you we’re gonna have fun learning about long
division now. Okay? First a story. Suppose you and your girlfriend or boyfriend, or maybe wife or your husband…it really doesn’t matter. But two of you win a free airfare to Europe, right. Europe. The two you get this free airfare
and you’re going to Europe. Yeah! But you’re still gonna pay for your hotel which is 500 bucks, your meals which cost 250 dollars, your train and taxi costs you 125 dollars. So let’s see hotel, meals, the train the taxi. What’s all that gonna cost? Let’s see. 0 + 0 + 5=5. 0 +5 + 2=7 5 +2 +1=8 So the cost for the both of you is going to be $875. That means if your girlfriend’s going to pay one half, and you’re gonna pay 1/2…well how do you
divide the bill between the two of you? How do you divide?Well now we’re gonna show you how to divide. The 2 represents two people: the girlfriend, and boyfriend that are both going on vacation and 875 represents how many dollars that the
whole trip costs. Now, how do you divide? Well you wanna ask yourself:Two goes eight how many times? So let’s think 2 x1=2 2 x 3=6 2 x 4=8 4 times. So we multiply 2 x 4 and we get 8. Now what do we do? Subtract. 8 -8=0 Now, 2 goes into 0 how many times. It can’t. That means, we’ve got to look at the next at the next number to the right: 7. Bring the seven down. Now, how many times does 2 go into 7? Let’s think about this. 2 x 2=4. 2 x 3=6. Three times.Multiply again 2 x 3 to get 6. Now, what are we gonna do? We gotta subtract again. 7 – 6=1 What are we gonna do? 2 goes into 1 how many times? Let’s think about this. it can’t! So we have to do? We gotta look to the next number. Bring the five down. Now, what do we do? 2 goes into 15 how many times? Let’s think about this. 2 x 4=8 2 x 5=10 2 x 6=12 2 x 7=14 7 times. And multiplying again 2 x 7=14. Now, what do we? Subract. 15 – 14=1 Now, 2 into 1. What do we do? 2 into 1 how many times? It can’t. So what are we gonna do? Well…there’s no numbers left.
We’re gonna have to write a decimal point. Then we got decimal points on the top ant the bottom
there. Now we have to bring in a 0. We bring the 0 down. Now 2 goes into 10 how many times? 2 x 4=8. 2 x 5=10. 5 times. Multiply again. 2 x 5=10 Now, 10 -10 equals 0. And we’re done. Now if you want, of course you can put a 0 here 2 goes into 0 how many times? 0 times. This means that each person: girlfriend
boyfriend the of you gotta pay $437.50. for the European trip. Thank you for watching the movie. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you learned a
little bit about division. Keep practicing your math. See you later. Good Luck!

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