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Master of Marketing Communications

The reason why we want to put both
marketing and communications together in a degree is actually because of the way
that industry has changed, so now there’s more of an impetus for people to be able
to tell compelling stories, which is really a communications issue rather
than just a general marketing issue. I’m Dr Jennifer Beckett and I am the
Co-director of the Master of Marketing Communications here at the University of Melbourne. This program has come about after a number of years of consultation with the industry. It’s a joint collaboration between two
faculties within the University of Melbourne. My name’s Danielle Chmielewski-Raimondo and I’m a lecturer in the
Department of Management and Marketing in the Faculty of Business and Economics. This course is a combination of social science, marketing and management and
commerce, so it exposes me to a broader world of business and careers. My name is Karen Liang and I am
currently studying the Master of Marketing Communications. Because it is taught across both Melbourne Business School and the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences we’ve structured it so that you have a nice
balance of subjects between the two, so one of the ways that we do that is
that we have three compulsory courses from the School of Communications, which is where I’m sitting, and also from across Melbourne Business School, so
that’s how you start out, you have your three compulsory courses and then you’re able to choose your electives that give you a balance and enable you to actually take
a more strategic route into where you may want your career to go. And in that of course we have our advanced practice subjects which are taught by industry so you
do have industry exposure. I’m very interested in the entertainment industry, and I fell into doing marketing
about last year, and this was the course that was a perfect mix of communications and the business side of things. I’m Claire Frost and I’m studying
the Master of Marketing Communications at the Graduate School of Humanities and
Social Sciences. With the assignments that we do, I’ve been able to angle that into what I’m interested in. We end up all University of Melbourne degrees with a capstone subject that’s
designed to enable you to bring all of the learning that you’ve had thus far in
your degree down into a subject that enables you to put it into practice and give everything that you have learnt a bit of practical experience. You could choose to do a thesis,
which is a research project, or you can do the internship, which is quite a popular option. The third option that we have is the Applied Syndicate Project, that actually enables our students to do, in group work, a project for industry. So
industry comes to us with a problem that they have and our students work together
to solve that problem for them. We try to have as many events for our students as we can, so that they can actually network with each other, but we also make sure that whenever we have a student event, we also invite people from the industry, so
there’s an opportunity for people to network with potential employees as well,
and of course as academics we reach out to the industry as well and see if
there’s anything that we can do to help, which means that our research then
is able to inform our teaching as well. I love being one of the global citizens in
this university and I met friends from our Latin America, from Europe, from the US and from all around Asia, and I really enjoyed being part of this school. This degree allows them to
develop, refine and integrate key and core skills, in both disciplines, and I
think it just sets them up for quite a variety of career directions, meaning that they can go more
specifically down the advertising path, down the PR path… Graduates from the Master of Marketing
Communications will go into industry as adaptable, critical thinkers with key
skills to take them forward. They’ll be imaginative and they will be able to generate fresh ideas for industry.

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