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Master of International Communication Graduate – Ernie Kim

My name is Ernie Kim and I’m the communications
manager at Nu Skin Enterprises. We sell a range of
innovative personal care products designed to help people improve
their overall health and nutrition. An average day here at Nu Skin can
actually quite vary. It’s one of the reasons why I
actually like my role here in Nu Skin, because it’s very multi-faceted. I can do anything from
communications planning to copyrighting to social media to web online
contact management, product photography, or I can
be doing corporate filming, doing press production
editing back upstairs. I do quite a lot of running around
in my job which I quite enjoy. My Master of International
Communications degree gave me a lot of both practical and theoretical background
into the world of communications. I did do a fantastic course
called Corporate Running offered by the Communications Department. Part of that was learning how to
write in a corporate business sense which has definitely
impacted a lot of my degree. I’ve also done courses
in audio and visual work which has definitely influenced a
lot of the work I do here for Nu Skin. An arts degree was all I ever wanted
to do at Macquarie University. It was my top ten choices. Everything I chose was
in an arts degree. I come from a very economics and
business finance background family but I chose to do the arts field because
it was something I was very passionate about. Today, I’m very, very proud to call myself
a Macquarie University arts graduate. I definitely wouldn’t be here today
if it wasn’t for my arts degree, and my degree continues
to shape who I am today and where I want to take
my career into the future. [music]

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