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Master of Global Media Communication

The Master of Global Media Communication is a
degree that trains future professionals in these transformative industries, equips them with key skills in understanding the audiences, the user’s, the societies the users are coming from, the policy framework that governs this
globalized digital space, as well as giving them some practical skills. My name is Ingrid Volkmer and I’m an Associate Professor in Media Communications, School of Culture and Communications, and my field of interest and research is
transnational communication. The core subjects cover societies, networked societies, political economy of the networked societies, then we have the subjects on research, on researching audiences and reception. We bring international experience also into the classroom and I think that’s quite unique. The best part of this degree is that it provides me with both practical skills and
also academic theories. I’m Ruxue Wang and I’m doing a Master of Global Media Communication in the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences. During some subjects the teacher has guided us to places like SBS, and also they invited many guest lecturers from the public relations industry, media industry and they share their experiences with us. We have internship offers with Australian media industry and media industries overseas, with digital platforms… I met a lot of other international students from different countries, and of course we make friends with each other. Some people, they’ve already worked for years and they bring their work experience to our class and we communicate with each other and so I get to know more about the real media industry beyond the academic level, so that’s great! Students can use industry in their thesis, in their research, we also have exchange opportunities. We had a student who went to the United Nations in New York, for example. I think the most important thing is I learnt the differences between Western media and Chinese media. It’s not just about knowledge, it provides me with a chance to think about things differently and also I changed my perceptions about different things. Graduates from the Master of Global Media Communication will become good global citizens and understand the world in its diversity, in its relativity, having respect for other cultures and other forms of communication, and I think that is the best we can give students and the best skills we can provide for future professionals in this totally amazing world.

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