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Mark Zuckerberg’s Kind Gesture That Helped Sheryl Sandberg After Tragedy | SuperSoul Sunday | OWN

SHERYL: When Dave died because I couldn’t get through a meeting without crying, How could I contribute? OPRAH: And you’re sitting — I think it’s important to note, as you say often in the book, you’re sitting in meetings and you’re thinking about that gym floor. SHERYL: That’s right. And I knew — I knew where I was. OPRAH: Yeah. SHERYL: But I would just see him. OPRAH: Yeah. SHERYL: And then I would cry. And I would think about telling my children. And think about what was gonna happen that night. But what Mark did is when I said — I came to work the first day. I was there for four hours. As far as I could tell, it was total disaster, I fell asleep in a meeting, I misidentified basic stuff. I rambled. I was bad. And so I called Mark that night. I said, maybe I tried to come back. It was ten days later. OPRAH: Maybe it’s too soon. SHERYL: The grief experts — yeah, the grief experts had told me to try to get my kids back to school and get back to my routine. So I was trying to follow their advice. I said, maybe it’s too soon. I made a total fool of myself. Mark said, lots of people sleep in meetings. But then he said, but I think you made a really important point today, and here’s what it was. And then he said, come back or don’t. Up to you, when you’re ready. But you helped us even today. It was the nicest thing anyone could have done. So now when someone’s struggling with something personal, I always say, do you want time off? We have great policies. Do you want things taken off you? But I also will say the next day, the next week, hey, do you want to do this? Only if you want to. But you’re still the best person for this.

3 Replies to “Mark Zuckerberg’s Kind Gesture That Helped Sheryl Sandberg After Tragedy | SuperSoul Sunday | OWN”

  • 1.2 min of content that did not say what it was about and 1.2 min of commercials? really?

  • So she actually had her husband killed or ‘killed’ just to do this publicity run for her and mark Just to be able to have good public image due to what their companies actually do behind the scenes like electing trump, mass de-moralisation, mass mental illness, selling your data etc.

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