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How To Learn Sign Language

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This is Mango Classroom. Your 24/7 teaching assistant and everything you need to replace textbooks and transform your language-learning curriculum. Curriculum guides provide you every resource needed to implement Mango into your classroom. Course guides break down each language course, so you can easily plan lessons around your existing content or utilize our instructor-built lesson plans and student workbooks to integrate Mango seamlessly into the syllabus. Improve classroom engagement with inductive and interactive learning. Critical-thinking and memory-building exercises help students build connections through patterns. Learning the language intuitively, while committing it to memory. Listening and reading activities reinforce learning through interactive skill-building exercises. And Mango’s conversational, bite-sized lessons are perfect for the classroom or home environment. Mango Languages’ cross-platform functionality makes for learning beyond the classroom. Our mobile apps for iOS and Android complement Mango’s desktop availability. So lessons are accessible anywhere, anytime. Downloadable lessons are available offline and each student has additional family profiles for at-home learning. With Mango Classroom, your school is supported all year long. Partnered with Clever, and with new partnerships on the way, our custom integration and assisted roll-out with a dedicated account rep make for easy student and classroom setup. With Mango’s Group Features, easily organize student rosters, activities, and automatically-graded assessments and view student usage and overall effectiveness at a glance with our progress-tracking dashboard. Supported in the most popular languages including English for Spanish speakers Mango Classroom is everything you need to replace textbooks and transform your language-learning curriculum. Contact us to start the conversation at

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