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Mandy Harvey’s New Book (Deaf Books) (American Sign Language Vlog)

[marker writing Rikki Poynter] [Pokemon game sound] Good morning! Today’s video is about a new book written by Mandy Harvey. You might’ve watched my previous video about her. If you haven’t, the link will be up here somewhere. I was given the book for free. I read it and I wanted to tell you a little bit about it. The book is about Mandy’s life, growing up hearing and then becoming deaf, music, learning ASL and Deaf culture, about deafness in general. It’s about a lot of different topics. It’s a fast and easy read. If you wanted to read certain chapters, if you don’t want read a certain chapter now and go back to it later, you can. It works that way for most chapters. Is that the sign for “chapters”? I think it is. And there’s pictures! [shows pictures] So if you like pictures, there you go! I like the book. There’s one chapter I really connect with and that is chapter six. It’s about when she became deaf and she was finding herself again, and people judging her. I connected with that. If you like biographies, this book might be for you. Or if you like reading about music/singing or deaf stuff. If you’re late deafened or grew up mainstreamed, I think this could be a good book for you. You might relate like we did. The book is available on September 26th. At the time I’m filming this video, that’s tomorrow. The cost is $24, $33 if you live in Canada. If you wanted to buy one, but you can’t afford it, I have some good news for you! [lifts two copies of book] I have two! One is for me and one is for you! I’m giving one away to you! You can read along with me! The rules are very simple. I will have the link to the giveaway in the description box. Probably both the description box and the comments. So just go down there and click away. The contest will be open for one week and close next Monday. It is open internationally so anyone can have a chance to win. I just woke up, okay? Sshhh. So good luck to those of you who want this! I will announce the winner on social media like Twitter and Facebook and in the comments of this video and I will email the winner. Okay! Again, good luck. If you want to follow me on social media, links to that will be down below. If you want to support my work, you can do so via Patreon and Kofi. Both links will be down below. I upload every Monday and Thursday- except this week, it’s Monday and Wednesday, and I will see you later. Bye.

20 Replies to “Mandy Harvey’s New Book (Deaf Books) (American Sign Language Vlog)”

  • I'm trying to enter this giveaway contest, but its a little confusing. How do I hit enter when I'm done with choosing which way I like to enter the contest?

  • Cool! Great giveaway! Hope I can win the book! I watched the AGT and was hoping she would’ve won! Darn. So close though!

  • Just entered! I would love it if I won the book 🙂 I'm learning more and more about sign language and deaf culture. Reading her story would be a great read and also inspirational

  • I love the videos in asl, they are great practice for me. I always find it more difficult to understand someone else's signing than it is for me to sign. Also when I miss things or don't understand and don't have captions on it reminds me how shitty it is to have uncaptioned videos (which I still do, and need to fix).

  • Hi Rikki! I'm a sophomore in high school and I also do the morning announcements. I am making a short video for deaf awareness month in simcom (because I don't really know asl very much). Any suggestions for what I should say? This is hard for me because I'm not deaf.

  • Hey Rikki, Do you think that you could check out my videos and give your honest oppinion on them? If you like them it would be nice to get a sub. Thanks Rikki it would mean a lot.

  • The best part of this video is that you show very much effort to communicate with sign. I see the hesitation sometimes and I understand that as well. over time you will become more confident. I am very proud of you Rikki. You are an inspiration to many.

  • If you can't afford it, but didn't win the giveaway, go to your local library and request that they buy it (many libraries have a simple form you can fill out). That way you get to read it and Mandy gets another purchaser.

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