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Making Slime in Alphabetical Order!!!

Hey guys, it’s Karina. It’s Ronald, from SIS vs BRO! And today, we’re going
back to kindergarten because we’re making slime
in alphabetical order. Oh, no. So today, we are gonna be
a rearranging our slime routine, and we’re going to be making it
in alphabetical order. Usually, we put glue, and then some decorations
like foam balls, glitter. Stuff. Stuff. And then we add activator. But unfortunately, if you
didn’t know that, A is the beginning of the alphabet, and A today
stands for activator. So we’re just trying to be like, this is how much activator
I need for this much glue and… Because we cannot go back. We cannot go back. We cannot add any more
or take any away. I don’t think we’ll be able
to take anyway anyways. But even we wanted
to, we cannot. So right here, we got a list
of all the ingredients we’re gonna be using. We got also the alphabet here
in case we forget, but I don’t think we’re gonna
be forgetting that anytime soon. So let’s just begin, and guys, by the way, you guys get to comment down
below at the end who has the best slime– Best alphabetical slime. All right, so let’s begin
with the alphabet. We got the letter
A for activator. I got me some magical
Elmer’s Glue, magical liquid. You got some magical liquid? I got some magical liquid. Okay. So we already know that one bottle is good
for two glues. So, I think I’m gonna add
one bottle for this need. Me too. Maybe a little less. All right. Just a little less,
just in case. All right. I think I do– I don’t, I want
to be able to go back. I don’t like this feeling. I know.>>Activator first.
>>How much do I put? I need like someone to tell me
how much I put. Okay. I almost added the entire thing. So… I think that’ll be good. So next up,
we got B, which stands for baking soda. Okay, so I got my baking soda because we’re baking
some cookies here. And conveniently, the next one is
contact lens solution. So baking soda, contact lens solution is also
another form of activator, so I’m just gonna add
a little bit of that. All right, you want to go first? Just pour? Yeah, just pour. Okay. Are you happy now? Okay. I don’t know what the right proportions are
so I’m just gonna be like add a little bit of this,
and a little bit of that, and hope for the best. We Gucci. That’s good. All right. Perfect. All right, next up is C
for contact lens solution. I got some contact
solution right here. Oh my, I don’t have– We’re gonna have
to share though. Sorry to break your heart
but we have to share. All right. You know that’s really strong. That’s okay. All right, here. All right. Perfect. So the next letter
in the alphabet is D. If you didn’t know. And D stands for dish soap. So we’re gonna add
some dish soap in. Oh yes. We haven’t had dish soap
in our slimes for a while. So, this is gonna be new. Okay. Don’t let add much. Yeah, I just added too much. That’s gonna be
a really foamy slime. I want a foamy slime. Wait, I kind of want that too. Is that too much? I don’t know. Okay. Give me. My slime is gonna
be a little green now. There we go. I got my color. All right. Look at mine compared to yours. Wait, I want more. I’ll addd more too. All right, perfect. I gotta– I’m gonna have
a real foamy slime. All right, here you go. Now, we need glue. Next up is E for Elmer’s Glue. So we got that as
much Elmer’s Glue as you want. I’m only gonna have like
one and a half bottles, I think? So, that would be good. So guys, I’m going to add some pink glue
and some clear glue. And Ronald’s going
for the clear green glue. I don’t know what his theme is. I guess dish soapy, but okay. Yes. All right. Let’s add this in. Three, two, one, drop it. See, she likes the meme. Okay. All right, let’s add the clear. I think I’m actually gonna
add the entire clear glue. That matches. Wait, your color
is gonna be so on point. But the green color
is kind of ugly so… Why you bully me? I like green. I think I’m gonna add
a little bit of the glow in the dark just for a little extra pop of pink. I hope this is not going
to be too much. There. I think I’m just gonna add this entire thing to make sure
that’s not overactivated. I’m like, I don’t have any– Oops! I dropped my bottle in. I was just about to say I’ve
no more clear green blue. So I just grabbed
this clear one. I don’t really want
to get my hands dirty. If I use this… Magic. Okay. I got glue all over this now. All righty. All right, I’m gonna put my, this away before it
gets out of hand. Okay, got gooey hands now. Perfect. So guys, this is the only
glue we’re gonna add, so I hope this
is gonna be enough, and it’s gonna be good. Wait, I cannot go back? Oh, wait yeah. I can’t. I can’t remember. So the next letter of the
alphabet is F for fish beads. All right, so we’re gonna
add some fishy beads. Do we have pink ones? I want– I don’t know what I want. So we have a pretty
variety of colors. So we got clear, we got red,
and we got blue. And we also got pink,
but I took it. I don’t know. We also have rainbow. Oh, I don’t know what to do. There’s no green one. Add clear then. Clear? What if I add one clear? And then when I make it, I have to find the one
fish bead in my slime. Okay, add one fish bead. I would like to see it. All right. Three, two, one. Drop it. Perfect. Okay. I’m going to have to find you
when my slime is finished. If you find it,
you get one Euro. Really? No. Okay. Good luck finding that. It’s clear. So next up, we got F
again for foam balls. So guys, we got a whole load of different kinds
of foam balls. We got rainbow ones as well. We got big fat white ones. I’m really leaning
towards these ones because these ones
are pretty cool. We got purple, blue,
green, one for Ronald. Red, yellow, rainbow,
white, and everything. I think I’m gonna add
the big fat white one. Karina, I’m trying
to do the same thing but with foam balls. No, Ronald. Add the entire thing. I want to find one foam ball. That’s gonna be so hard, Ronald. What would you do
if I actually find it? You’re not gonna find it. Okay. All right. So, the next letter
to the alphabet is F again. Okay, F for food coloring. Okay, we add some food coloring. Ooh. Wait, I’m gonna make
my slime really pink, and I have some hot pink. I don’t need food coloring. I don’t want food coloring. You’d want to add some kind
of food coloring. Wait, what do you
have any green? We got sort of green. We got teal. So guys, I chose
this hot pink color. But I’m only gonna add a little
bit so it’s not too hot. I just want to add
the smallest amount. Oh, that just ruined it. Who knew the smallest amount
can do so much harm. This is a pretty decent texture. So I think I might
actually add a bit more. You just said
it ruined the slime? But a bit is gonna ruin it more. Wait, you added blue? I thought you added teal. Oh wait, I added blue? You didn’t even knew
what you added. Wait, can teal fix it? Can teal fix it? I don’t know. All righty. Teal is coming to save the day. Wait, that makes a cool texture. It’s more dish soapy texture. Okay. Okay, I need more. More? Yes, more. It’s gonna be a really dark
if you add more. Okay, mix them. Mixed them. Now, it’s time for royal blue. Oh, you’re slime will be black. Kind of. That’s enough, Ronald. Add a small amount, a small amount of royal blue. Oh my gosh, Ronald. To turn it more green. So guys, Ronald’s finally
got his food coloring. We can finally go on to
the next letter in the alphabet, which is G for glitter. I’m excited about this one. Oh, yes. All right, so we
got all the glitter, and I think I’m gonna go for three different
kinds of glitters. This white one,
the white one is really cool. Silver, obviously. And this pink. I’m going for blue. All right. I’m going to put
my pink in first. Nice. Well, that’s really pretty. The way it spits out. Perfect. All righty, I
think I’m terminato. All right, I’m gonna
add some silver because I love me
some silver glitter. All right, that’s it. That’s a lot. I want my slime
to be really glittery. So guys, the next letter
of the alphabet is H. But we don’t have anything
that starts with H. So, we’re just gonna skip it. But if you guys have any idea
what we could use for letter H, comment down below. Or else. And next up,
we got I for instant snow. Whoa. Wow. That’s so like on top notch. We got some instant
snow right here. So we’re just gonna add this in. All right, we got
a little measuring cup. What do you need that? To be measureful. That’s not a word,
but I’ll make it. Word of the day. Measureful. You know what? I’m gonna ditch
this measuring cup, and just go ham. Who doesn’t love some ham? All righty. Hopefully, it pours. Perfect. So guys, we’re done
with the snow. Now, let’s move on to the next
letter in the alphabet, which is J. But we don’t have anything that starts with the letter J so
we’re just going to skip that. But if you know
what starts with letter J that we could add to our slime,
comment down below. Or else. All right. Next letter is K,
which is my favorite because… Okay, so it’s for Karina. It’s for kits. Also kits. So we got two
different slime kits. We got, this is a glitter kit,
and we’ve got a color kit. I’m going to go
for the Color Kit. Can I have the color kit? Well, it depends what’s inside, cause we don’t know
what’s inside these kits. Okay, fine. We got a mini bottle
of Magical Liquid. It’s so exciting. Welcome to the magical land
of Ronald’s magical liquid. It’s so mini. I love it. Oh, so cute. All right. We got some blue
and we got some green. Perfect. All right, I’m going
go for blue. I’m going for green. All right, reminds me
a little bit purpley. I don’t want too purpley
so I’m just gonna add like a little bit. All right, there it goes. So this green perfectly
matches my slime. Give me that blue. Okay. Oh, you’re just going
for the blue and green. Yes. All right, I’m gonna
little bit of this. Wait, Karina. This is a way to like… Change up the activator
from the, from A. You can add more active
if you wanted to, because it comes in the kit. But we haven’t mix it up so
we don’t know if we need it. The thing is,
I added more than two glues, and a full bottle is two glues. I’m just gonna
add like a teeny– So I’m going to be
Albert Einstein right here, and I’m gonna pour
this whole thing in. Okay. Look at his face, he’s like, no! I need another one. All right, three, two, one. Dump it. So guys, the next letter in the alphabet is L,
and L stands for lotion. If you don’t add
lotions to your slime, then you are missing out because it makes it so soft
and smooth and amazing. Doesn’t lotion like
make it more loose? Yeah, like soft
and fluffy and… I probably need that because I
added way too much activator. All right, let’s add it. All right, next letter
of the alphabet is M for Magical clay. Oh, magical clay. It’s not that magical
because it’s clay. All right, we got
the some magical clay here. We’re gonna open it up. So guys, we got
our magical clay right here. It’s so magical. All right. I’m going to use
about this much. This makes it more
stiff though, right? Oh, this is so soft. Oh, soft clay. I need to play with this. I wanna sleep on this. All right, but I guess we
just gotta put this in. There we go. Okay. This is how much clay
I’m gonna put in. I’m just gonna sit it on top. Oh, wow. Make a little lid. All right, the next letter
in the alphabet is… Can you guess? N. But we have nothing
that stats with N so if you know what we can add into the slime
that starts with N, comment down below. Or else. So next letter alphabet is O,
which stands for Orbeez. We haven’t played
with Orbeez in so long. So finally, this is the day. All right, pass me the Orbeez. I’m gonna go for the clear,
because I’m like– Guess what I’m going for? Green? There’s no green here. You just took that one. I’m just gonna add
a little bit of this. Oh, it’s so satisfying
when you put it on the lid. It’s so addicting. I just want to add more. Mine a re a little smaller. I’m going to add green and
yellow orbeez to fit the theme. Dump. That’s a lot, Ronald. Oh my goodness,
I accidentally did this. Wait, guys, take
a moment to just look at the layers of my slime. It’s like adding up
to make some plasma. Yellow green [inaudible] stuff. All right. Okay. So guys, the next ultimate
letter in the alphabet is the ultimate P for paint. All right. We got some puffy paint here. Double P. So we got all these colors here. Dibs. I don’t need that anyway. Oh, wow. This is perfect. You just add it in. 3, 2, 1. This is weird. It’s like gooey paint. Actually, I am going to add
this one and this one– The entire thing. Yes. Ronald, you’re going
a little crazy, don’t you think? Yes. Ronald, that’s a lot of paint. Your, your slime is
gonna be so stiff. Really? Yeah, it’s paint. Now, I need my lotion back. So guys, the next letter in the alphabet is R. For random ingredient. We gotta pick anything we want. R is the best letter in the whole– So what do I want to add? I would add lotion. I think I want to add more glue. Do we have more clear glue? Can we pick anything we want? Yeah, anything you want. Like only one thing though? Yeah, only one thing. Okay, give me the lotion. There’s not a a lot
in there, but okay. First, I have to check
how much of it is in there so I make a sensible choice. Okay. Okay guys, I just checked, there’s not much
lotion left so I’m not gonna
live off lotion this time. Bad thing. But we have a solution. I was gonna go for glue, but I was like,
there’s no more good green left. Hm? Clear glue? Maybe this one? Only if I’m desperate. And this one, only
if I’m really, really desperate. Guys, I’m really good
with mine. My slime is actually so perfect but I kinda want it
to be a little more pink by adding a little more
of the pink glitter. All right, just dump it in. Already? I’m gonna add my clear glue. I could just add
an entire jar. You know, it’s worth it. It’s completely worth it. Actually, since
I’m needing glitter, I got some more glitter, but only glitter. And I want to add some of
these purple glitter. So next in the alphabet is S. Like if you knew that. And S stands for shaving cream. Finally, we have some shaving cream. I love me some good shaving cream. Oh, yes. 3, 2, 1. Guys, these slimes looks like
smoothies with whipped cream on top. Especially yours. Oh yes. Mine just looks like a mumbo-jumbo
of random things. Frappuccino. Oh, wow. It’s the unicorn frappuccino. The unicorn frappuccino is back. Oh, yes. So guys, we’ll be moving on
to the next letter of the alphabet, which is T, which stands for Tide. Tide is a laundry detergent
which is very commonly used in slime but we do not have Tide here so we’re gonna be using this stuff. It’s very similar,
it’s called Vernel. Vernel. I don’t even know it’s similar
because it’s called Vernel. Oh yes. Let’s just assume it is. So… Smell it. Hmm? I don’t like it. All right, let’s add
a little bit of this in. I don’t know what it does, so I’m just gonna add a little bit. All righty. Add the milk in.>>To the milkshake–
>>Oh, that was too much. All righty. All right, let’s
put the lid back on, and move on to the next letter. Which is W for water. W? No, it’s U, Ronald. Oh yeah. You have to go back
to kindergarten. But we don’t have
anything for U so comment down below what do you think
we should do for U if you have any
ideas or suggestions. And the next letter is V, but we don’t have
anything V ever, so we’re just gonna move on to W which is water. We’re adding some water. Here is… Why do we actually
add water? Ready.>>I’m adding a lot.
>>Cheers? All right. Let’s add it in. It’s pouring everywhere. Oh my god, it’s just
pouring on the sides! All righty. My whipped cream
has melted. Oh no. And the last 3 letters
are X, Y, Z, but we don’t have anything for those so we’re just gonna finish the slime. Now? It’s time for the moment
we’ve all been waiting for, is to mix. Oh, yes. So guys, before we mixed
up our slimes, just take a look at
our slime smoothie. So it looks like
we got whipped cream on top, and it looks like a unicorn
frappuccino, doesn’t it? So comment down below
what do you think this looks like. To me, it looks like
a lime frappuccino with whipped cream on top. Ordered on top for extra 1.50 Euro. Okay. And guys, so don’t forget
to comment below what color do you think
our slime is going to turn. I think mine’s gonna be
like pinky purple. Blue-y? I don’t really know. I think mine is gonna be teal
with lots of foam, and lots of snow. Okay. And guys, don’t forget
to comment down below which slime do you think
is gonna be the best. I think it might be mine because it’s like
pinky and beautiful. Wow, just wow. Ronald, you mix yours on soap. Yes. I like it. Okay guys, I’m gonna go first on the moment
e’ve all been waiting for the mixing bit. All right, 3, 2, 1, drop it. 3, 2, 1, drop it. All right. Ooh, I could feel them. What’s it called? The clay. It’s like a wall to the bottom. I can’t get to the bottom well. Great Wall of China? Okay. We got to mix
all these colors up. We got activator
at the bottom, so I hope we– That’s gotta be doing something. Okay Karina, yours is pretty boring. Let’s get into the fun bit. Welcome to the magical world
of Ronald’s mixing session. 3, 2, 1. Hopefully, this is entertaining. Oh my goodness. It’s so diffucult to mix! Okay, I think I’m making progression. Mine is looking pretty good, like a yogurt or something. I don’t know. I don’t know how to describe it, it looks good though. So guys, this is
our alphabetical slime. Hopefully, it will
turn out really amazing at the end. And we’ll see you guys
once it’s finished. Hopefully amazing slime
in 3, 2, 1. So guys, our slimes
are finally finished. After a lot of mixing, they are finally perfect. Mine is so pretty it’s pink with a load of glitter, and of course, these orbeez. These orbeez keep
on flying out and breaking. I don’t know
if they’re that good, but they’re so pretty
so I like them. I own the biggest dish soap
on planet Earth right beneath my very eyes. And plus, there’s orbeez
sticking inside of them so what’s not to like
about this dish soap. Maybe because it’s green? So guys, this is
my slime up close. Of course, it’s pink, with a loads of
different kinds of glitter, you’re gonna go crazy. and there’s also these
little foam balls, we got loads of orbeez, they’re kind of everywhere because they’re falling out
and they’re breaking, but I still love them. And this slime is also
really stretchy. I thought it was
really gonna be gooey, but no! All the lotion saved it,
and it’s super stretchy, and smooth and soft,
and I love it so much. So if you think
my slime is the best, comment down below
#UnicornFrappuccino. So welcome to the
Dish Soap Land of Ronald’s Slime Land. So we enter, we found
a green slime, but it isn’t just any
green slime, it is a green, snowy, fluffy,
amazingly, orbeezly green slime. Ronald, I’m not sure if
that’s a word, but okay. Dictionary. And on top of all of that, it’s really poke-y so
vote for me or else… Let’s just keep on poking
this satisfying slime. So guys, if you think
my slime is the winner, winner chicken dinner, comment down below
#ThisSoapForTheVictoryRoyale. So guys, don’t forget
to comment down below for either the frappuccino
or the dish soap. And since YouTube, for some reason,
disabled our comments, you guys are gonna comment
down below on our Instagram. The link will be down below. Guys, from the beginning of the video, I added it something
that I was never expecting that I was going to find. It’s this fishbowl. the small. Fishbowl. Maybe that’s from my slime.>>Because I have a lot of that.
>>Wait, is it? No, wait, please! There’s a pink on it, Ronald. Can you see it? No! I thought I found my
one and only fishbowl. Okay, that’s very sad. [inaudible] this video. If you did, smash that like button, and we’ll see you all next time. Goodbye.

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