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Make It Wearable | Episode 1: Human Communication

57 Replies to “Make It Wearable | Episode 1: Human Communication”

  • @TheBlack PantheR I wouldn't scorn this kind of change like that. Personally I am still quite young (just into adolescence) and am VERY excited to see what comes about in, say, my late twenties to early thirties. "They" don't want us to be "robots"; scientist are doing the very oppisite by trying to be MORE human by being able to reach out to other people better. Hell, I'd be surprised if soon they don't have a headset or something that you can wear in different countries to translate different languages and translate what your saying through a speaker in that language. I think that would be amazing for people like myself who would love to travel but don't want to be held back by language barriers. The cultural differences, however, shouldn't be as explained and should be left to the user to figure out, since that's half the fun. Anyways, besides my tangent there, change is good. 😉

  • The fundamental TRUTH about life and death is here
    Mankind has to see this to survive.
    We can no longer wait… It includes you.


  • Seems like it'll be a phase, I can't see any of this taking off in a big way, especially the cup thing. What are you suppose to carry around a cup every time you go out, I mean people usually only hit glasses together once it's not like they do it all night long, shot glasses maybe.

  • Frightening….. Always someone hanging in the background wanting to make money on YOUR Information… The way they try to sell to you is particularly bad.

  • Nice quality video but am I wrong to expect experts such as these to have something a little more significant to say, other than obvious comments like "we need to make technology adapt to us", wow really? I'm yet to see a piece of tech that only a dolphin can operate.

  • Wonderful.. I can't wait until everything I say or do or think is being recorded and ran through some data base with algorithms that make it possible for the NSA to know me better than my own parents do. Orwell thought putting a camera on every corner was bad, but why do that when you can have Google Glassholes walking everywhere and ignorantly acting as roving spies for corporations and the government. This is what Dictators and Oligarchical elites' dreams are made of. I would like to know how we are going to stop this technology from being abused. Are we supposed to just trust this? The government has made it so that every phone is a tracking device and so that they can listen to our conversations even when our phones are off for fucks sake. That is a fact. These are things that are never discussed by those who are trying so hard to convince us to record our surroundings with facial recognition software, algorithms that read body language, etc etc.

  • I see the comments section is as supportive of wearable tech as the Church was supportive of a heliocentric solar system.

  • Wearable technology is to get us use to when put it right in our body i see the world in a different way not so asleep just now walking with my eyes open see things for how they really are and it is sad that so many people dont, wont, or cant wake up first time in my life i was called crazy for my views on what i have learned…

  • I want to know how this will improve our interactions with other animals as well. This is just creating a deeper divide between people and nature.

    Also, I disagree about life getting better. It's about life getting different. When we embrace new habits, we abandon old ones. We don't always abandon bad habits either.

    Yes, I love to take a sociological view; which I find more balancing.

  • So when i shake hands with people, there'll be texts on my chest saying how much i earn, what i do and my FB page, huh, yea not tnx, gold diggers might dig it though

  • There are people alive today who don't have fresh water. Uganda, Rwanda, and the Congo are the three most war-torn nations. Do you folks know why these countries are in such turmoil? They have the highest reserves of COLTAN flowing illegally out of their countries, an essential component of the tantalum resistors in all of this pointless technology. And not to mention how we intend to power all of these devices. Is there enough coal in the world to do that? Because we certainly aren't taking many steps to convert the power grid anytime soon.

  • Subject #334928571 likes mint ice cream, but should be warned that high volumes of mint ice cream can have a negative impact on said subjects life.

    I ate a Pint, Get Off My Back!

    subject #334928571 is becoming agitated, Scheduled an appointment for a counselor on 5/3/2022 at 5. attendance is mandatory.

    that's tomorrow I've got work then! WTF! You stup-

    subject #334928571 Has become highly agitated, requesting assistance at 403 b ave east-

    You guys get the picture. This is what I fear. AS many of you also fear.
    It "may" become like this but odds are it will not, it will probably become heavily user controlled in functionality. so chill wait for the future. Stop fearing it.

  • you can say what you what that this is the future but is this what we really need……………………….. I think what we are doing to our selfs is stupid and i promise you nobody is going to buy that, 

  • Peope are always going to connect with each other… Look, this isn't really that difficult to know what people want and need. An undershirt that detects all your vitals and health meta data. Contact lenses that project anything into the wears FOV. A bad ass set of headphones that fit into the ear for wireless communication. But the best and most important of all, smart and real computer AI. All these gadgets start to become a hassle without AI. I want to be able to tell my computer, "order me general chicken to my house", "call me a cab for tomorrow morning", "and look up the trending mother's day gifts and have a report in my email like yesterday", then I want the confidence to know the computer gets my drift.

  • Hollow.

    Who is this for?
    and, are they the ones that need help?

    Mine and everyone else's complaint would seem silly if you hadn't tried to elevate the Wearable ideas into something substantial.

  • using fancy words to beautify will not solve the world problems…the product is great but the dictation is poor…try more creativity with the words you use next time #intel !

  • My talk on audio wearable computers expands on the possible future of hearing-related wearables:

  •  hey guys check out this really cool short film TRUE SKIN.   watch?v=hoj4Qv7nrN8   i wonder if its going too look something like this 20/40 yrs from now. 

  • I'm tired of this PR crap with talkingheads blowing hot air instead of concentrating on the actual technology and how it works. LMAO at the "mobile journalist", apparently he didn't get the memo that all journalists are mobile, the difference is they have press passes and actual cameras instead of resorting to grainy ass phone footage. And taking credit for Ukraine when people there have to resort to medieval-style helmets and shields is really classy guys, really classy…

    Then again this is a corporate-sponsored short by a multinational corporation that sues the shit out of anyone who dares make a x86-compatible chip.

  • Heres a better idea, turn off all the crap gadgets, put your phone in your pocket and try interacting with the person sitting next to you?

  • "Heres a better idea, turn off all the crap gadgets, put your phone in your pocket and try interacting with the person sitting next to you?"
    Said the guy on the Internet.

    Similar nonsense… said by guys on the Internet.  I did laugh a little bit harder this morning after reading the phrase "stuff herself with chocolate like a hungry alligator," but this was nearly as good.

  • As repulsive as some of these things seem, it could lead to developing a kind of counter offensive tool toward the FBI's facial/voice/GPS programs.

  • Inner thoughts- 1.are we posessed by Gadgetfilia? then anything goes, except things that are estupidly expensive, cumbersome, non beautiful or impractical. Google Glasses fit here. 3.  Wearables are  just a middle step towars "inside you" or endogadgets. / ex: heart pulse controllers and  gps insets/, 4. …mmm not now.

  • We have to embrace changed, this is the era of technology mass growth in all area’s hence me jumping into the business sector of being involved in the rise in wearable technology

    Love to talk to those interested in this field… looking for 5 to 8 business partners

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