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Major Cities in US and Canada in ASL

Hello! Right now I will teach you the signs for major cities in America and Canada. I’m not going to sign all of the cities because it is a very long list. A really long list. There are just too many cities, I can’t do all of these. Surely, it would take an hour of videotaping so I am sorry. I’m focusing on the major cities. Okay? Ready? Oh, I forgot one more. I’m from near…

20 Replies to “Major Cities in US and Canada in ASL”

  • Great Video! I learned several new ones I didn't know before. I have two corrections/additions for you, however, I'm not sure where you live, so I don't know that your area does them the same as mine…  Houston – more to the side of the mouth than right in front. New York also has a sign in addition to finger spelling NYC: Non-dominant hand held in a closed 5 hand-shape with the tips of the fingers pointed outward and partially to the direct of the dominant hand, and dominant hand in a Y- hand-shape going back and forth on the non-dominant hand. (Similar to the old sign for Credit Card, but with a Y instead of an A). Keep up the great videos!! 🙂

  • Hi! I love your ASL videos as I think they follow ASL grammar rules well and it's great to have ASL instructional videos come directly from a Deaf person. As a native Deaf Northwestener, I live in Portland and I'm not sure of which Portland you're talking about. If you are talking about Portland, Maine then the movement for Portland in circular fashion is correct but if you're talking about Portland, Oregon then you should sign it in a "slicing" movement, FYI. Keep up with the good work you do!


  • Thank Joseph for this Major Cities in US because ASL That, I got message who want know about this sign for all Major Cities then I have copy this your vlog to them! (Thumbs UP)

  • Miami is BEACH with initialized M (non-dominant hand in open B handshape palm down and dominant hand in M handshape palm up brushing against non-dom. hand like ocean waves at the beach).

    Hard to explain in words but us Floridians don't spell Miami lol

  • Where is SALEM, Oregon. likely Portland, Salem, Eugene, Roseburg…Grant Pass..Rogue River.. Klamath Falls

  • Awesome video! But I would be careful when using the sign for Vancouver because my deaf friend told me that's the sign for "vibrator". Maybe that's incorrect or regional though.

  • Sign language totally blows my mind because i can see no correlation to the word. But then again its like that for most languages

  • You are ugly shitting ASL and deaf so stupid then I hope you, deaf community and deaf people will destroy damage yourselves!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thank you, great resource! I was very happy to learn the sign of my hometown, Vancouver 😄✌🏼

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