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Machine to machine (M2M) communication transforming public transport

Adelaide Metro made using
public transport much easier with the recent introduction
of the Metrocard. The Metrocard system works through
machine-to-machine communication and the Telstra Next G network. We looked at a number of providers. We went with the
Telstra Next G network because of the coverage
and reliability. We use that technology to provide real-time information
to the public about when their next bus is coming and for fleet management
for our service operators to monitor what the services
are actually doing. The drivers previously had to deliver the data back to the depot
on their data cassette. Now, that is completely automated
from the vehicle. The ongoing benefits
and future benefits of the Telstra Next G network far outweighed any cost that may
have been incurred initially. Generally, in public transport, you have an automatic
vehicle location system and a ticketing system, with the cost in the
tens of millions of dollars. With Telstra, we’ve implemented
that same system as one package at at least one tenth of the cost. At the heart of the Metrocard system are Telstra-supplied modems
and SIMs. The SIMs are managed through the
Telstra Wireless M2M Control Centre. It provides us with the ability to interrogate the SIMs themselves
in each vehicle, to configure, change, modify and
check the performance of those SIMs and thereby check the performance
of the overall network. Traditionally,
you would need to request that Telstra activate
or deactivate a SIM card. You wouldn’t have access to
real-time usage or whether the SIM is online. All of that is at our fingertips using the Telstra Wireless M2M
Control Centre. It’s going to transform
the industry. Working with Telstra
has enabled the business and facilitate change
and improvements in efficiency. They’ve provided great support.

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