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MA in Political Communication – Anne-Marie McNally

I choose this programme because ive always had a huge interest in politics and in particular the relationship between the media and politics having a background in the community and voluntary sector i felt that there was a disconnect between how politics was communicated to various sections of society I choose DCU over other similar programmes because when I started doing my research into what course I’d like to take it became obvious that there was only a couple of similar courses that dealt with both Politics and The Media The thing i enjoyed the most about participating in this programme was the extent of the knowledge of the lecturers the first hand practical, real experience I felt that every lecturer was an insight into what the insiders world of both media and politics was. I’d recommend this programme to prospective students because it gives the first hand access to industry professionals who’ve been there and worn the t-shirt and also the diversity of guest lecturers that were brought in we had some of the top minds political communications from across the world, in fact and I don’t think you can replicate that experience in any other programme across the country. This programme has helped my career progression immensely in that it opens doors, its instantly recognizable onece people here, you’ve been through this programme they understand that you have more then a public relations qualification They understand that you have an inherently political communications qualification and it certainly confers more authority, to the qualification. My name is Anne-Marie McNally I’m a graduate in the MA in Political Communication programme in the School of Communications, DCU.

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