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E: Do you like the beach? yeah, I love the beach but when it’s sunny hey guys, we’re at the beach right now and it feels so nice you can’t see Ryan but he’s here hi here he is I’m so hungry hungry. H-U-N-G-R-Y employee: two doubles for 52 just enjoying the morning it’s nice Sorry I’m just tired I know. I can tell We both got the same thing E: awe E: Thank you E: for getting the ketchup you’re welcome no problem It’s good to have food and the view good. full. I’m very full We’re going to go down to the beach Let’s go E: It’s so foggy today Oh! Happy St. Patricks Day She has no green haha stop There’s no sign for St. Patricks Day Oh no E: eeee E: Look at this line E: The line It’s nice to walk. So nice So foggy though No, I’m good. Thank you E: Why do you have shoes? E: Why didn’t you wear your sandals? I don’t have sandals anymore E: you don’t? E: They broke? The one you gave me broke. yeah E: oh I wasn’t prepared hey, teach some signs E: It’s cute I’ll teach you some signs related to the beach This is the sign for beach beach Sign for O-C-E-A-N Ocean The water and the waves Sign for sand sand or sand cause it’s all grainy, ya know sign for bird bird there’s birds over there sign for crab crab or crab This is more L-O-B-S-T-E-R sign for lobster crab say C-R-A-B L-O-B-S-T-E-R Whats up? E: Do you like the beach? yeah, I love the beach but when it’s sunny E: haha yeah, but now it kinda hurts my eyes you can tell I’m squinting because you know when there’s no sun but it’s cloudy so the light reflects off and hits my eyes and it’s very bright now I’m squinting because of that E: yeah if you don’t E: if you don’t know. Ryan’s eyes, very sensitive We went to that restaurant about a year and a half ago E: Beachcomber? E: that one? yes, that one we went and they had a really delicious breakfast It was beautiful in the morning because you’d go in the morning and you can see the beach you could watch the sunrise and eat at the same time it was really nice and a fun experience. If you’re in Newport. You should come to Beachcomber Cafe It’s pretty cold out here, so we’re going to go back and we’ll see you guys later Sign Duo OUT!

10 Replies to “LUNCH ON THE BEACH | ASL”

  • I've been learning BSL for 2 years now and it's really cool seeing the differences and similarities between the British sign and American! a lot of the culture seems transferable, even if the signs aren't? and it might be because you're holding the camera a lot of the time when you're signing, but ASL doesn't seem to have so many two-handed signs? BSL is adaptable to one hand too though, so it might just be because of vlogging style, i'm not sure! But still cool to see!

  • I love crystal cove!! Such a beautiful beach and the shakes from shake shack are amazing! I love learning new signs ❀❀

  • You guys are so awesome and especially sweet!
    I learned many sign language from you guys :3
    <3 forever πŸ™‚

  • Greetings! I am a homeschooling mom in San Diego. We are a hearing family, but I teach myself and my 12 and 6 yo sign language. Could you please make a video that includes signs that parents would use on a daily basis. A few examples would be:

    please use your manners
    no/stop teasing
    please stop fighting
    We love to sign for many reasons and my youngest gets so excited when we are out and she sees others signing.
    Thank you in advance!

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