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[LSM] Trish Guinn – 5 Essential Christmas Signs in Mexican Sign Language

Hey! It’s Trish. It’s almost Christmas! Hurray! As you can see, I have a shirt that is both
nerdy and Christmassy! My two favorite things are
Christmas and nerdery. Anyway… I wanted to teach you
guys a few signs you need to know for this holiday. We’re gonna start with the first one: “Feliz” (happy), “Navidad” (Christmas). “Feliz” (happy), “Navidad” (Christmas). Number two… OK, so number one was
“Merry Christmas”. Number two… “diciembre” (December). Number three, “nieve” (snow). Here in Mexico, we don’t get snow. Everything is really dry… It’s a desert. This makes me sad. But for you guys who do
have a white Christmas, you need to know “snow”. So that was number three, number four… Oh! The most important,
“familia” (family). What else? Number five…
“amigo” (friend). What else is important… Ah! “Regalo” (gift). “Regalo” (gift). And… is there more? What else…? I think I’ll leave you guys
with that for now. So what did we learn today? Merry Christmas! In December, we have Christmas, we have gifts, we see family and
friends come together… It’s beautiful! And, if you are lucky, you can have snow for Christmas. Love ya!

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