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Loving Spirit Connection & Communication | Guided Meditation

This is Rasa Lukosiute. Welcome to your meditation. Get yourself settled in a calm and peaceful
environment where you will not be interrupted. Turn your phone off, close the blinds slightly
or turn down the lights, create an atmosphere of tranquility where you can escape and dive
into parts of you that you don’t normally go to during the day. Settle into position that’s comfortable to
you. Once you have settled, let go of the need
to move, fidget or use any effort. Instead let your weight pull you down into
the surface to find yourself fully supported and to allow yourself to relax deeply. Let your arms to just rest, allow for the
eyelids to cover eyes completely. Tune deeply into your body. Feel how your body is feeling right now. Begin to travel with your awareness and your
breath into and through your body, smoothing out any sharp sensations, any emotional disruptions
and anything else that may be preventing you from relaxing completely and being in the
moment. Your mind will hop around and that’s ok, allow
for this to happen, but keep diving into your subtle experiences within your body. Keep exploring every particle of your being. As you explore inwardly, ignite your awareness,
your breath and focus. Begin to feel and recognise the frequency
of your energy that is you. During the next few minutes check the thoughts
that are running through your mind, consciously check if there is an emotional and mental
theme going on and begin to let go of that. Breathe, observe your mind, consciously decide
to let go and when you are ready to do that, on your exhale, flush these thoughts or feelings
out; see it dissolve as it leaves you. Continue dissolving unwanted emotions, feelings
and thoughts a few more times until you are feeling lighter and more neutral. Let’s consciously scan your whole body
and ask it to cleanse and relax. Beginning with the lower part of your body,
your feet, ankles, knees, your legs. With your inner eye vision this whole area,
feel it, breathe into it, and with each exhale air it out and make it feel lighter. Now do the same airing and cleansing with
the middle of your body, your front, your back, your arms and hands. Visualize and feel this area, fill it with
soothing breath and on each exhale cleanse it and make it lighter and more relaxed. Now breathe into your neck and into your face,
visualizing oxygen reaching all the tissue and muscles in your face, visualize the oxygen
reaching your brain and delivering refreshing and relaxing affect with each inhale you take. Relax your face; your head even more with
each exhale. Now observe your whole body and how it feels
now, take a few more breaths. Keep your precious body calm and relaxed using
your awareness and focus as we go deeper into our meditation. Picture yourself out in a beautiful and serene
place in nature sitting on a bench. You feel relaxed and at ease. You are surrounded by luscious greenery and
all of the other pleasant elements, the gentle breeze, the perfect temperature, the sun where
you like it to be, the color of the sky is just so pleasing to your eyes as you look
up and then look around to take all of the stunning nature beauty in. As you enjoy this perfect moment with nature
visualize and notice that on your right there is a river, the water is moving slowly, jumping
over the rocks and twigs, you can hear the gentle soothing noise it makes as it moves
downstream. The movement of the river is like the breath
coming in and out of your nose, gentle soothing and refreshing. Please know that this meditation has only
positive and loving intentions; know that you are safe and surrounded by positive energy
only. Now I want you to place your awareness onto
your third eye chakra that is located in between your eyebrows. This is the seat of your supernatural powers
and wisdom, the gate that leads to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness. In your mind make an intention to awaken your
third eye chakra and for it to function to its full capacity. Begin to bring the breath and energy in between
your eyebrows and start to observe and feel subtle energies
of the third eye chakra; it’s as if someone tapped you gently on your forehead
and you are now beginning to feel tingling sensations. Breathe. Feel the tapping and tingling to intensify. Your third eye is now beginning to make micro
movements and slowly open up just like a fresh flower or a small window. Visualize it opening wider and winder. As it opens up feel yourself becoming overall
more expansive and open, able to take in more energy that’s around you. Begin to feel your ability increase to read
energy and communicate with and through energy, visions, feelings and through any other senses. Your third eye opens up and stays open making
you very receptive and sensitive to energy within you and around you. It’s as if you have your own sensitive, magnetic
field that is radiating from your third eye. Visualize this magnetic field to surround
you and protect you, like a boundary that you fully control. This magnetic field picks up on energy within
and outside of you and your mind is then able to translate it to you through your thoughts
so you can understand what you experience, what energies you are picking up on. Breathe and relax for a moment to get accustomed
to the feeling of this inner expansiveness. Breathe and allow your senses to expand. Begin to feel the environment with your extra
sense as well as your physical sense. As you breathe and relax, with your inner
eye go back to your spot on the bench near the river. Continue to visualize. Look ahead; there is a path that leads to
a bridge across the river. Begin to focus and as if you are remote viewing
or using your own internal binoculars, zooming in, bringing the view of the bridge closer
to you. Over the bridge visualize seeing a small path
taking you to a clearing that is surrounded by what looks like an old round temple. This temple is overgrown by green vines and
flours of various kind and color. You sense that this space is special and holds
very positive energy. Led by curiosity within, see yourself stand
up and beginning to walk towards the bridge and holding the sight of the temple within
your vision. See yourself reaching the bridge, pause for
a moment and look down at the water. As soon as you look down, the water slows
down and you see your own reflection, water slows down even more and you begin to see
your bright aura to surround your body. You are safe and protected, intuitive and
powerful. And your own reflection in the water confirms
this. See yourself to keep moving and crossing the
bridge onto the path that until you come close and face the ancient and beautiful temple
covered in green leaves and flowers. You now begin to see an entrance with three
steps leading you into the round temple which has no roof and inside of the temple the floor,
cover in soft green grass, the walls are covered in beautiful flowers, the whole space is bright,
cozy and it smells heavenly! Now visualize taking a seat on the soft grass
at the far end of the temple facing the entrance. Sit here for a minute and breathe softly,
naturally, relaxing and experiencing yourself in this serene and dream like environment. It’s like a dream yet more vivid and real
than reality itself. Take it in and enjoy it for a minute. Now once again focus on your magnetic field
around you and feel this energy sensitive field that’s connected to your third eye. Visualize it surrounding your body like a
shield and like a receptor that can pick up on presence of any beings whether they would
be in physical or in spirit form. If this makes you feel funny or uncomfortable
just know that you are safe and that your intentions are pure and the same magnetic
energy field is activated and open for positive and good experiences only. Take a moment to set any fear and hesitation
aside and allow for the expansion through your consciousness and your energy body to
take place where there are no bounds or limits. Keep it open and expansive. Now go back, focus with your inner vision
and look towards the entrance of the temple. With your third eye begin to visualize and
with your energy sensitive field feel someone gently and slowly approaching the temple. Breathe calmly, you are safe and this is a
positive experience. As they get closer your energy field begins
to slightly intensify. Using your intuitive sense now begin to interpret
who they may be. Focus, feel and listen calmly and carefully. They now are very close
and slowly appear on the steps in the middle of the entrance. Whether you see an energy shape or their full
physical presence, it does not matter. Observe and feel them; notice their positive
energy beginning to radiate towards you. In this space and with the capacity of your
third eye at this present moment, physical words are not necessary. You communicate through energy and thought,
effortlessly. Invite them to come closer and sit down before
you. They move in and as they do, you feel their
energy; you feel their desire to be of assistance to you and to connect with you. If you are wanting to continue this connection,
using your intention, invite them and watch them move beautifully
and then see them to take a seat in front of you, having their back facing the beautiful
entrance of the temple and the path surrounded by luscious garden outside. As they graciously take a seat, observe their
beautiful energy and aura that’s surrounds them; their presence brings in heavenly calmness,
peace and purest love you could ever feel. Take a notice how within moments, the atmosphere
inside of the temple fills with utter pure love that is palpable and undeniable. As this beautiful energy fills the temple,
feel this liquid love also filling your body, your heart, your mind; feel it enter the deepest
parts of you. Now you are both surrounded by the feelings
of love and trust. You feel safe, you feel loved. Their energy aura begins to expand and move
towards your energy aura. Visualize and feel your own energy also expand
and move outward. Now both of your auras with their heavenly
colors are expanding outward and beginning to connect, blending together, creating a
beautiful pallet of colors; your consciousness are merging, blending together. As your consciousness merges with theirs you
begin to feel them even more, understand them and hear their thoughts more clearly. Now take time to sit, communicate and understand
anything you need to know. You can ask any questions. What is it that you want to know? Perhaps many things or perhaps nothing, perhaps
you just want to feel the connection and enjoy the serenity of this pure love and complete
peace. What ever it may be this is the time to feel,
hear, see and experience. Relax and breathe. Take in this experience. Bring back your awareness to the surroundings
of the temple. Powerful energy still surrounds you both and
memories will remain within you both as well. This experience has been so powerful and wonderful
for you. And its effects will unfold as you continue
beyond this moment. You can take a moment to express your final
thoughts to them. The same way they entered, graciously, they
begin to rise and move out of the temple. Slowly, moving away and disappearing into
the beautiful garden. You are feeling elated, in a dream like state,
that is not a dream; this is more real than the reality itself. Bring your awareness to the subtlest experiences
in your body right now. Those that are like gentle whispers sparkling
in various corners of your body. Immerse your awareness into it. Listen. Is there anything that you need to remember
later? Now focus on your aura energy. Using your intention bring your aura energy
field closer to your body. Bring your inner vision to your third eye. Visualise it as a flower or a little window. Using your intention close it slowly and gently. Come back to your breath. Come back to becoming aware of your body,
your face, the surface underneath you. Do not rush this part of your experience. Allow yourself to simply be with yourself. Allow for your mind to go through the memories
of today’s experience. Let your body to wake slowly. Be gentle. Be kind. And only when you are ready begin to move
your body slowly while being aware of your breath. And only when you are ready open your eyes.

100 Replies to “Loving Spirit Connection & Communication | Guided Meditation”

  • Oh I'm happy a new meditation to listen to before bed tonight.i never meditated until 6 months ago when I found you're channel ,now I do it 7 days a week .love it !

  • What an honor to truly share, this gift of temples' care, to bridge the union in gentle tone, clearly aware we are not alone, for the divine force of love, uplifting thru such realms above, greeting us thru this powerful meditation, allowing space for truths' sensation, to materialize in a genuine way, that touches us to openly relay, the glory to join energetically, thank you with deep sincerity!! Blessed Be:)

  • rasa your spirit new that this moment happened to me. thanks to your beautiful spirit with the angelics relms i feel freedom to say love to you from a being of love. stanley.

  • Rasa, I want to thank you for this wonderful experience. This meditation was the most powerful that I have ever experienced. Not only was my third opened but I could see the beautiful colors and feel vibration increase at least 10 fold. I have completed this meditation twice already. The first time my grandmother came to the temple. The second time both my mother and father were there along with many kittens, one of our dogs and several other small animals. I have never been in such a state of peace and contentment. I wanted to ask if it is normal to experience some itching on the back or my shoulders during the meditation while visiting with my loved ones? Your meditations are the only ones that can elicit the desired response and I have been trying for a very long time. I will repeat this meditation every chance I get because it leaves me feeling as if I took a spiritual vacation from my daily existence. Afterwards I still sense my body, every cell is vibrating at a much higher frequency. These are experiences that I have heard about and read about but never achieved personally before this meditation. God bless you for convincing me that I could reach this level and giving me confidence that I can continue to grow spiritually. Love and light, Colleen

  • i have received divine guidance to do this meditation , I'm so looking forward to doing it tonight. Will keep you posted. Much love & gratitude. Namaste xxx

  • Hi Rasa,

    I had a great experience, i surrendered so deep into the mediation, i met St Germaine, he is guiding me so much now in my life & i believe he is one of my spirit guides. His energy was so incredible, we didn't share words but the connection was so intense. I could make out his appearance, kind of & felt so much love. I saw flashes of white light before my eyes & felt my hair on my left side being stroked. it was a lovely experience. St Germaine is giving me the strength & courage to step out of my comfort zone & to pursue my true life & be the person i am meant to be. i am so grateful to him & to you for being a part of this incredible experience. Thankyou Rasa, Namaste xxx

  • Rasa, I had the most wonderful experience and peaceful sleep. I felt as if you were in the room talking directly to me and helping me achieve new levels in my ability to use all my senses and truly be in the moment. At one point I felt someone's loving arms around me. I didn't want to let her ( I believe it was a woman by her touch) leave my side. All my chakras were open and vibrating simultaneously. Thank you. Love & Light.

  • This was beautiful thank you! I feel so peaceful and calm inside. However, I have no recollection of anything during my meditation, it's just blank. Is this normal? I do feel love and peace though…

  • Thank you Rasa. You actually gave me an attunement during this mediation and I actually did receive some images which spoke to me. For the first time is this way. On YouTube! Who would have thought?
    The heart of the message I received was "There is no fear, there is only love." Meaning, when we are fearful, we are dwelling in some version of unreality, but aligned through love we come into focus with what is real.
    So many thanks. Namasté xx

  • I will have to try it another time. You said something like 'Don't feel anxious', just when I was feeling anxious. Perfect timing. But later I found by the time we got to ask them anything i had lost patience and was agitated. I had to stop. Just sharing. Thanks Rasa for your lovely meditations, has been a long while since I listened to them. x

  • I didn't/can't see anyone in the temple. Why is that? At the time when you said "you're safe", I felt such a strong energy in my body, and it became stiffer , I don't understand what happened. Can anyone explain?

  • Wooooow thank you so much for this powerful beautiful amazing luminous loving meditation 💜🌟🌹🙏♥️💖💜🌟🌹. You are really the one that always bring me back to who i am. Thank youuuu for your Love and Light💖💜♥️

  • Rasa, I have done this meditation literally dozens of times with only wonderful experiences. Tonight I had a terrifying experience and very lucid experience in the temple. My mom, sister, brother-in-law, and I baby were in a "hotel". I was holding a sleeping baby wearing one piece footed pajamas in my arms. There was a man coming to kill all the guests. He entered our room and called room service requesting dog food because everyone needed a good meal before the fun could begin. Then I came back to your voice at the point where you say "bring your aura closer to you". I said a silent prayer for the Archangel Michael to shield me. I have never had a negative experience during a guided meditation before and I was terrified. This meditation has always given me wonderful enlightening experiences in the past. Can you tell me why my mind went somewhere so dark? Please help me understand what lesson to take from this meditation. I hope never to have another like it.
    Love & Light, Colleen

  • Rasa, i fell asleep after about 20 mins and woke up at about 59 minutes but still had my eyes closed.. then kept on relaxing in my deep state.. after what felt like 5 mins vibration was heavily through my ears sort of shaking me around and i was watching it happen to myself from above.. After i woke myself up but when i closed my eyes it happened again. Its left me with a headache and i'm a little shocked and freaked out by it. I guess i just want to know what it was that made me feel that vibration.. i cant even explain it

  • You are tremendously skilled. You know exactly where to pause…perfect. Thank you for addressing the energy (push) or tap as you call it. I did not know what was happening…though it fealt right.

  • Thank you so much for such beautiful world of meditation and motivations. It really helps so many of us. Can you please upload with lyrics,it may help those whose native language is not english. Thank you again.

  • Thank you for your beautiful & loving assistance dear one! So grateful that you are sharing your gifts as healer & soul friend with so many. Light to you on your own path. 🙏🏻🦉

  • Thank you for this wonderful work…this has been the support i needed…this meditation is pure Love, thanks

  • thank you so much Rasa, this meditation helped me to realize important things and i am already looking forward for the next meditation with you 😍😚❤

  • this actually almost put me in sleep paralysis scary stuff only got 10 mins in 🙁 guess im not in the right state of mind

  • I did not want to wake out of this meditation, I felt a glow that I had not felt quite as strongly in previous mediations, I would highly recommend this – I felt in absolute bliss, it was beautiful, thank you

  • I clicked on this completely by accident but it was clearly meant for me, it’s a beautiful meditation and your voice is so soothing

    Thank you 🙏🏽

  • I want you to know how much I appreciate you and your guided meditations. I am newly awakened and have just started with guided meditation. You are amazing! Not only the meditation itself but your voice is so beautiful, loving and soothing. The sound of your voice is as powerful as the meditation. Thank you for helping me start each day! Thank you for your love and guidance! I love you!

  • Beautiful experience Rasa. Vision is not my forte but I keep trying. Love, Arthur ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Hi Rasa
    I had a very profound and real experience during this meditation,I travelled to what I believe to be heaven and met with a spirit guide that was so beautiful and surrounded in most beautiful purple aura,she told me to remain kind and not to allow the people that have hurt me change who I truly am at core,I was then sent to what felt was hell and experienced an overwhelming fear and pain in my heart,it felt like I was there longer,but as I walked through this place I knew I was feeling the pain of the people there,I felt in my heart what they had done and so many where not aware or remorseful for their deeds,the more I walked through this deep experience I realised it was earth,I believe now that earth is the hell and not a fiery pit a lot of churches teach.I was shown in my vision that it’s earth we need to escape and karma is keeping us stuck here and if we don’t clear our karma we will remain stuck here till we realize that love and kindness even in the most horrific life events is the only thing that will bring us home to heaven!

  • Hi rasa I love this medication and I enjoy every minute of it, but I can't see any thing well trying to use my third eye, and I can't see colors or a brilliant light. What is wrong? Can you help me please

  • Loved this meditation. Nameste, peace and goodwill. I have added it to my favorites playlist to do it again whenever I need it. Peace.

  • Thank you Rasa. I have been in such mental agony lately over trying to find happiness and meaning in my life. I truly felt my mother's presence during this. She looked healthy and happy. She told me that in order to find happiness in my self I must take these feelings of pressure and anger and sadness and embrace them. She said that I don't have to be like everyone else, that "I don't have to be" She said to do things my way. And in doing that I will find true happiness in myself. Thank you for reuniting me with the most meaningful and important person in my life. I know now she is always with me. Now I can finally begin the process to finding happiness and meaning. Thank you so much.

  • IT HAS BEEN ALMOST TWO FULL MONTHS SINCE I STOPPED SMOKING CIGARETTES AND I HAVE TO THANK YOU! If it wasnt for these videos i wouldnt be here. Thank you soooooooo much for the help. I know it may not mean much but it means the world to me and ill keep it going! Thanks Rasa 😍

  • I meditate to Rasa every day, Rasa has such a soothing voice, just makes me feel wonderful, thank you Rasa, you are very talented.

  • I love you, thank you so so much for making this incredible video, I listened last night with intention of receiving some healing and in the temple I met Shakhina (apologies for mispelling) Divine Mother, received a lot of help, love and healing. Cried for many hours afterwards and even today am feeling quiet and peaceful. Much love to you too.

  • What a beautiful meditation. A beautiful & totally awesome connection that simply went beyond words. Thank you Rasa!! Many blessings to all!! ❤️✌️🌞

  • Hello Rasa. Over the last year I have been going through a lot of changes I started listening to Don keathley which really opened the door to a lot of new faces in my life like quantum physics I also follow Kay Fairchild but when I meditate which I just started only five months ago I ran across your meditations which I love I meditate with you at least once a day if not two to three times a day and there's things in my life that change for the better I had more vivid dreams I see numbers in sequence like 3 3 3 2 2 2 555 and now I'm starting to see 1111 I know who I AM I know now who I AM we are one with God and the universe and as HE IS so are we I've been going to church most of my life. Truthfully religion just tries to keep you in a box Actually religion lie to me about a what have learned in church. GOD the universe show me the TRUTH!!! I had an encounter with GOD a few years back and HE explained to me what the scriptures meant I was reading everything literal and he said you need to look at it from a different lens and that's when I learned about the single eye it's been a wild and wonderful Journey some things hurt me when I found out the TRUTH like most of my friends truly were not my friends my wife has been living two life's like dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I found out a lot of things I didn't want to know but I realize now that they're blind and they can't help it because they don't know who they are yet! I don't have too many friends right now because they just don't understand me but that's okay cuz I'm surrounded by GOD's LOVE and GOD'S LOVE NEVER FAILS!

  • As always you did a beautiful meditation Rasa. Thank you. As always my crown and the center of my forehead tingled but i was not able to experience anything more.

  • Thank u rasa I was tingling from head to toes plus I had a pulse sensation in between my brows does this mean my third eye is opening I've been trying to do it for two years now

  • Thank you, Rasa for your important work and that is truly making a difference for all of us that are practicing meditation. I send you love and light and this time I fell asleep after about 30 min but my body was hot and pulsating with energy when I came back from sleeping. I am going through a tremendous transition and a crisis in my life. These meditations help me to ground my self and learn to focus on my own voice. I salute you.

  • I love your meditations and the technique of guided meditations is a very effective way of understanding yourself, to focus on the inner voice and helps with discipline. I really think your work is very important and helps me with my everyday issues and fears. I send you love and light.

  • I am doing this every day but I don't know what is it I am doing because I get some feelings like am flying sometimes saw wired things that I don't remember them in the morning what is this

  • Beautiful and body was hot with energy twiched few times though but completeed the meditation. Thank you.

  • I found this meditation to be very powerful but very difficult for me to stay comfortable for the duration of this long meditation. My belief is that the more I practice the meditation the more powerful it will become and the easier it will be to connect and relax.I follow other mediations but I have found you meditations to be most healing and very powerful. Thank you..

  • Greetings Rasa. I am a believer and a follower of yours. I want to thank you for your content. It has blessed me and so many. I would like to make a request for a video that focuses on sexual confidence. I lack greatly in that area. Looking forward to hearing from you. Namaste!

  • Greetings Rasa. I am a believer and a follower of yours. I want to thank you for your content. It has blessed me and so many. I would like to make a request for a video that focuses on sexual confidence. I lack greatly in that area. Looking forward to hearing from you. Namaste!

  • Rasa thank you for another amazing meditation. It has brought so much peace and light into my heart and soul.

  • I just came from my dearest Godfathers wake . He was my mother’s youngest brother who I adored. It was a shock to find out he passed . However this made me feel comfort that he is still with me in spirit and always until we meet again and join with my mother . Bless your heart

  • These meditations are keeping me sane during one of the most lonely unstable phases of my life. Thank you Rasa truly your a God send I don't know where I'd be without these meditations. 🐈

  • I have trouble sleeping since my husband committed suicide 6 months ago, after 5 and a half years of being a quadriplegic (partial, he had use of his right arm). I use sleep meditation often to help me fall asleep and I usually sleep very well after I do fall asleep. I haven't slept in a couple days and I was completely exhausted when I turned this on and feel asleep quite quickly. I don't how long the mediation had played before I started into a dream of my husband, my children and I spending a day out and enjoying life (before his stroke). We were happy and having a beautiful day! It seemed so real, (I usually know when I'm dreaming) In my dream my husband I were enjoying each other so much! ( I was his caregiver for the last 5 years, so things had become really stressed between us). During our conversation in my dream my husband laughed, really laughed something I can't remember having heard in so many years. I woke up crying, whole body deep soul relieving crying. Tears of joy, remembrance and relief. My husband is at peace finally! I miss him so much! My heart is light today in knowing he"s happy, he remembers the good times we had as a family and a couple. I will never stop missing him or loving him. Thank you so much Rasa, my soul needed this connection to him so badly!

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