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Lisa Nichols – How To Transform Relationships Through Communication

80 Replies to “Lisa Nichols – How To Transform Relationships Through Communication”

  • I truly needed to listen to this! I was able to see my relationships in this instance of tuning into video. Thank you for sharing and help me to see myself and others that I love

  • My God!!!!! What planet have I been living on? You make this sound so easy and it makes a lot of sense…so much so I want to implement it. I've never heard this before. As you were speaking I could bring back to memory several conversations or let's say arguments that I had with people. Or at times it was just easier to say nothing then to have any kind of conflict. I avoid conflict at all costs. You're right it is lazy… I never even thought of doing anything about it #BOL I feel like you just woke me up. It's time for change. It's time to implement these new (to me) tools. Thank you Lisa you are the bomb.

  • Hi Lisa and fellow Tribe members! My Aha moment was the series of empowering questions we can ask of others and God. I can only imagine how some of my relationships would be if I ask the other person what can I do to move us forward so that we never return here again? I am going to ask God what lesson was I supposed to learn from my last dating experience. This is really powerful!

  • BOL's. Ask better questions which may require you to "evict your ego". And replace "what was their "intention" with what was their "desire or need".

  • Wow! Such a great message Lisa!  Thank you! "We communicate lazy."  "We stay quiet instead of having that difficult conversations." Yes I do. This will remind me to put on my big girl pants and have the conversation.

  • #BOL I'm changing the way I communicate. I did not realize I was communicating "lazy". I just realized I communicated better with google than people I'm close to. When I do a search in google I am very specific to get the answer to what I'm looking for. Why wasn't I doing this with people?!

  • I often feel like the answers I want from my "why" questions are the answers I need. Or that I think I already know the answer but I just want to hear it confirmed. I see more benefit in "what" questions because they move towards future work instead of dwelling in the past. Thank you for presenting that option so clearly! I see now that my desire to have my "why" questions answered is apart of my ego in wanting to be right, even though I don't mind admitting fault on my part.

  • BOL : time doesn't always heal all things… you may forget why you are so angry but you will still feel that unresolved anger.

  • This episode revealed that I have been passive in my communication. I need to be more calculating, deliberate and ask better questions. I'm working on it. Thanks Lisa.

  • I love the 360 approach to effectively changing our lives to amazing lives we deserve. Everyday is a breakthrough in this tribe!

  • I am having a really difficult time letting go of the immense pain caused by my husband cheating on me while I was having a mental breakdown. I want to let it go and I hang on to it for what?

  • Do you have any advice for being more conscious in the moment? Shifting to pausing long enough to change my dialogue to consider my words before speaking, to come from asking what the other needs, what are they feeling (sometimes between the words), will my words help or make them feel worse? I know this all works. I feel when I'm aware, but I still spend too much time not being conscious before I speak. Thank you for the empowerment you share. xo

  • I struggle with communicating most when I think that I will hurt someone's feelings. Often the fear of being misunderstood holds me back because I am uncomfortable with conflict. Conflict cannot always be avoided. However, I try my best to express myself in a manner that shows grace. I love your message about asking better questions instead of "why" questions. Well defined questions lay the foundation for more meaningful responses.

  • I struggle with wasting communication energy on the "same conversation" with the same person vs. protecting your energy and moving on

  • Thank you I really needed go hear this today my husband and I had a bad miscommunication last night and this helped me

  • Lisa I started to practice what i have learn in this video and already I am seeing amazing results….Thank you so much

  • I am afraid to relate my feelings in a relationship and more time it cost me. So I understand now that I need to ask "how can i" more often and also state what can the person do or say for the relationship to grow. Wow so many things to uncover. God bless u Lisa BOL….

  • Thank You for putting truth out so painstakingly! I know being here for us is not easy. I learnt effective communication starts from within, being able to have a conversation with myself.

  • Lisa, I am so grateful for your messages — I cry almost every time I watch your videos, seriously! This one is so timely as my husband and I are righting an article about communication, which reflects the online program we are building for couples who want to improve their relationship and transform into a relationship of the New Paradigm. Love you <3

  • Dear Lisa, I've started to watch your Videos a view days ago. No one speaks about things so clear and reaches me. Can you please talk about jealousy in relationships? Mostly from the women side. We have a lot of competition out there and it is very hard for men to say NO, as we all know. How to be confident and to keep the interest from our men?

  • Thanku Lisa for ur sharing ur point of view on life's challenges & how u over came them to learn a lesson from each of those tough journeys. I've been hearing ur talks for the past 2 weeks(I'm tearing up)
    Thanku so much for helping me change ME
    Each day I'm becoming a better person & becoming more of the person I want to be & becoming who God intended me to be
    I was stuck on the revolving circle of disappointments
    Not growing & feeling like I was always gonna fail
    U've helped me start to ask myself questions I've never dared to ask
    Questions I had to answer
    Questions no one could answer for me
    Questions that made me have to take owner ship of the outcome(great or not)
    I'm a better person & growing Thankx to u & the Lord
    Much better at moving on & foward
    Thanku for setting me free of my baggage & setting me free to fly fearless
    Thanku girl
    I love u Lisa Nichols
    May God Continue to bless & keep u safe always

  • I loved the takeaway…we are communication lazy… hearing this vedio i realise how much if i could focus on communication would transform my relationships even more…thank you for inspiring me to communicate instead of waiting for time to pass on..loved this vedio and your wisdom that outflows to me…so grateful i could be in this tribe and learn worthy n life trasforming wisdom

  • #bol: time does not heal all wounds. We forget why we don't like someone. why are still mad or sad at them. Unresolved issues don't get solved by time. I had to have a heart to heart conversation with a loved one over something they said. They texted me a crazy text after thanksgiving about how another relative was treating them that I care for also. I called them because texting is lazy communication and I rather hear a persons voice. They went off. I let them vent. Then I kept saying you know you need to call her back and let her know it is not ok to go off on you. Boundaries. Yes your are mad and you think this other relative was turning their nose up at you because they were not happy go lucky. They were tired! So I had that conversation and I felt way better afterwards. I didn't go off. I let them know the manner in which they spoke to me was very hurtful. They understood and apologized. At the same time they would not take anything they said back about the other relative. I didn't try to convince them or convert them. But I pray for them. I am at peace and good with everything now.

  • I was really deeply cried when I watch it. Because I was broken hearted😢😢😢… I always ask myself what's wrong with me why he left.. My beggist decire is to have a long and last relationship but i think everything I did for him wasn't enough..💔💔

  • "What can I do to move us out of this situation? What can we focus on to avoid us ever being here again? What lesson would you like me to get from this experience?" Thank you for that. I was just in a relationship breakdown. Those question are so much better than whatever I would've come up with. They require so much more thought and reflection.

  • I am really battling with this communication issue at this moment. I have someone who I called a friend in the past , but lost that title due to mistrust and lack of respect for others. We have parted ways multiple times and I always set a side my feelings forgave her. The last time was it for me ,but now she is reaching out again because she is in need of moral support. ( this is her usual pattern ) She has attempted to contact me several times and I dont answer ,because I feel as if I gave nothing to say . But I feel bad for her. At this moment I am unsure what to do.

  • I need more on this. LISA!!!! BTOL Thank You. I would love it if you can speak more on this topic… Communication is crucial, I love words. But I feel we meaning me are lost to how to communicate effectively, with kindness and in love.

  • Thanks for sharing ❤ you put words on what hearts. I know that I make so much efforts but not in this area because I've been desapointed. I am going to mature these tools. You are so inspiring 👏

  • Morning Lisa I recently start listening to you programs.your program is a very good motivating program self believe is great

  • OMG, You speak directly to my soul. Why have I not been introduced to you until now???? I love you my sister… I hope I can meet you soon…

  • You are so so so very beautiful…could watch taking you for hours
    Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you
    thank you

  • Communication is the foundation of every relationship. Asking the right question that will enable effective communication. Stop asking WHY…..
    But ask the HOW….

  • This really made me sit up and think about my own relationship and the "WHY" question.We are often too busy looking at how we are affected by someone elses' behaviour rather than seeing it from their perspective.I am going to work on this as I feel it is time to look at their needs as well as my own and be more sensitive to how my direct questions may be affecting them and pour relationship.

  • Thank you so much Lisa for your message, but I just got it too late to be able to fix things. He just left because we couldn't communicate in the tough time, and now my heart is broken.

  • Hi Lisa BOL!!! BOL! I communicated Lazy for Years!! I asked All the wrong questions. I tried to play it safe, by not asking what I really want, hoping that I'm living hints. After I listen to your message, on replay for the entire day. I put my big girl pants on. I spoke my mind on how I really feel and what I really want & It feels Amazing. The GREAT thing is I'm at peace & I'm happy with Me. Instead of facing issues, I will automatically get upset, defensive, & shut down. I communicate using a brand new approach today. His response was "I appreciate it" Thanks Lisa. I truly appreciate YOU

  • Hi Lisa, I followed along and took notes. I felt you were speaking TO ME! Great info, great teaching. However, I've noticed while watching these videos that, for some reason, the camera-person shows what I'd call an 'observer's angle' at crucial times when you're actually speaking directly into the front-on camera-lense while trying to make a signifcant point. This is when I feel like you're speaking to everyone else other than us. 😕 Just making an oberservation 😊

  • BOL "What is it I can do to move us out of this situation?!!!!!!!" That almost brought me to tears!!! I want to be out of this situation with my husband so badly. I am being patient and it seems like I am patiently getting nowhere. I will ask him this question, My hope is that I will get an answer I can use but my fear and what has more often then not happened is that his response will be an insulting remark or to tell me to figure it out. What do I say/do then? But I am excited to ask this question.

  • Lol i tell people i love them and I truly mean it. People often think im bizarre but i enjoy loving life and that we are. Finding Mz Lisa has done wonders for my life. The universe truly lead me to her, I was simply looking for strengths as an Aquarius woman. The universe has bless me. Lol it sounds off but googling was radical action to my affirmation and lead me to this wonderful soul. Thank you Mz Lisa for encouraging this Aquarius. We are here The Dawn of Aquarius has arrive. More love and free thinking. Peace and Blessings everyone. Please send me universal blessings. I left a mental and verbal abusive relationship after four years. I did it i took radical action though my foundation has been shaking i am learning to love me and respect me. Thank you for the support.

  • Bless you Lisa!!! you and your videos come up at the very moment that I ask the question. I am so grateful to you and the Universe for this magic I experience daily. You were bang on about every word about Communication. Yes Communication is the key. Silence is the easy way out and yes "time heals all wounds" is false. Its good communication that heals others and us.

  • Yes Lisa I like to call me when you said stop procrastinating that's my biggest problem I always try to put it off a b a last-minute person

  • I always praise my daughters when they do some chore or chores. Like one daughter is so gifted at cleaning my kitchen and great at organizing my fridge. I pointed out specifics of she does well. My other daughter is always driving me places that I need to go. I always thanked her for coming to help me out.

  • I want to be a more effective communicator in my personal relationships. So I've been working with the communication charter. I'm learning to +3 first before addressing outstanding conerns. I'm also working on being a better listener and not shutting down. Thanks Lisa!

  • Ms. Lisa i was hurt after being cheated on but listening to you online I got inspired and all my pain start to subside so from this day forward im going to start doing things im going to just take a leap of faith people say I talk to much and i should be a counselor i love motivating and encouraging and inspiring people how can i become a coach. a motivational speaker i LOVE TO TALK. can you give me some advice. thank you my sister i love you.and may God bless you

  • This video is so empowering and something that I needed in this moment. I am an extrovert around others but for the sake of me I could never get all my thoughts out the way I think them in my relationship.

  • Lisa you just save my life with the 3 questions to ask . I realized where everything came from i was just asking the wrong questions . Thanks Lisa .

  • Hey powerful,but what if you are the one always putting the energy on the communication should you still communicate or be communication dead

  • Hi Lisa, this is great once more!! My husband and I are in need of this advice and my ahha moment was to forgo being right and pride to achieve good communication and to fulfil the other person need without loosing ones self.

  • I have been recently realizing how communication lazy I have been in my relationships and said “I don’t know what to say,” as an out when I could’ve worked a little more to articulate or figure it out. I am Going to ask better questions and bench my shego so I can truly listen not just to what the other person is saying but what they need. Thank you!

  • Thank you again I have been in therapy for 27yr some bad I had a white man doctor tell me I was smart and should not talk to people but after many years I have a good one now and she is a black woman as well but I will be use this Take me in my life to try and man fences with my oldest daughter I will be going to visit and take care of June 10th . I pray this brings us back together I really miss her

  • Hi Lisa! I Love your show! But tell me how can you be humble and act with such humility in any relationship without losing yourself?Much Love!!

  • Dear Lisa,
    I love you too..
    It's so nice to hear your thoughts on communication from higher place..Aha moment..#cup over fills..
    Thank you so very much🙏💕🌹.

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