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Lip Reading Top Tips!

Hi everyone! I was going to make a sign language video today… But unfortunately, my hands have got a palsy! Amazing(!) So I can do this: Which probably really isn’t that helpful for sign language, is it? Mm. No. So I thought I would make a video about lipreading and the things you can do to help someone when they lipread I rely on lipreading a lot of the time And to do that I’ve got my trusty assistant! -Hi! This is Clara Who is actually my trusty assistant producer at work So an assistant in many ways today -We are friends and friends help each other all the time. -Oh yah, we’re friends too. -I felt like that was relevant -Now you know, we do actually like each other We’re not just forced together -Well, you got me the job! -Tips and tricks for helping someone to lipread, things you should and shouldn’t do… No. 1: Don’t have a hipster beard That’s it If you have hipster beard… don’t talk to me -I would look very weird with a hipster beard -Like this! In case you’re wondering, that’s my hairnet… to go over my rollers She looks awesome! Next one: visibility This doesn’t just mean ‘good light’ Although good lighting is important Don’t stand with the light right behind you -Like this? -Yes! That was really illustrative for these poor people But also… stand a good distance apart Dont’ do this -Too close Lipreading isn’t just literally the lips It’s about looking at your entire face and trying to work out what’s going on Hi Good visibility distance there… …friend. Awesome Next: try to keep your face and your mouth clear I did meet a girl once, who was so embarassed by her teeth… That she talked like this all the time. No. No. That’s a ‘no’. Don’t do that. Point of order! If you are eating, please do that. -Also, if you are eating, you shouldn’t speak. You shouldn’t talk with your mouth full of food -Thank you, Clara. Valuable lesson for you all there today! Just because someone tells you they are lipreading… Don’t now over-exaggeratedly move your lips too much! -Don’t do that Even if you have an accent (like you might have noticed, I have) I’m a little bit Spanish! You don’t HAVE to do THIS You’ll be fine -Also, don’t talk too slowly Speak at a normal, human speech level -Speak as you would speak to anyone else There’s no need to lower your voice… … or raise your voice… …or make it slower or anything. Something I find really unhelpful, when people are trying to help… Is they stop actually talking! They just mouth I like that face: People tend to mouth because they think, If I don’t hear the noise they don’t need to use the noise But! Speech with sound actually makes a very different shape of the mouth Than if you don’t. – The more you know! Okay, this is quite a big one that annoys a lot of people: Repetition! If I ask you to repeat something, so not say ‘It doesn’t matter’ It does matter Don’t change the words either I just missed what you said, I’m not going to jump at you ‘Jump at you’? That doesn’t sound right, does it? – I see where you’re coming from… If someone makes you repeat, You may think it’s because they didn’t like what they just heard But it’s not that they don’t like what you just said, just say it again – “You don’t want bananas for breakfast?!?!” “How dare you not want bananas for breakfast!” – Just repeat and don’t be offended – And don’t sigh! – Yeah – *sigh!* – It’s not like she wants to not hear you – Don’t think I can’t tell that you’re sighing I know. I know everything Next tip! If a lipreader is paying no attention to you… – Don’t shout -That’s never a good idea Just do this… Huh? “Hi friend!” Like so. Another good tip: You’re having a conversation, like this… “Hi Clara.” -“Hi, how are you doing?” -“I’m really good, thank you.” -“Oh yeah, great, I’m just going to go grab a glass of water….” “Oh.” -See what I did there? Don’t just walk away and assume because you’re speaking louder that it’s going to work Face -Don’t leave someone there looking forlorn. So these are all great for one-to-one things But what about when you’re in a group? Clara and I are part of a big group of friends (It’s not actually that big) We’re part of a group -6 people! -We get together and talk… a lot -We talk a lot! -A lot of chatting! and that can be quite hard to keep up with when different people are talking, making different noises… I’m like “Agh! I don’t know what’s going on right now!” -Different topics it gets messy -One really good way to get my attention… … is to wave! Put your hands down on the table (if you’re around a table) Or, you know, in a group. Whatever. And wiggle your fingers around Yeah! And my eye will be drawn to you. -Hi! -Hi! Like so This isn’t neccessarily a tip: This is just something you shouldn’t do So, you’re out in a club. We’re out in a club right now -Can you tell? Whoo! Whoo! You see someone you quite fancy So you come over to talk -“Heeeeeeey…” -I don’t know what she’s talking about So I go: “Sorry?” Most people… Uh… straight men. I have found Go: “Oh my god!” “Not only is she touching my shoulders, she’s staring really intensely at my lips!” “I’m gonna go in for a kiss RIGHT NOW” No. Don’t do that. – That’s not what she means -That’s not what’s happening right now – Control yourself, not everyone wants to kiss you. -However, if that is your pick up technique… Who am I to say? Maybe you are a deaf person who uses that? If so: good on you! I hope it gets you a lot of… Whatever sex it is you’re after Go for it – Go nuts -Well done The top, Number 1 tip! Is to just be understanding Because I’m not going to get everything you said I’m not going to understand it I might make you repeat it 5 times And still not get what the hell it is you’re talking about Have some patience -Have patience and repeat it in a normal way You don’t have to repeat whatever you said in a slow pace faster louder or quieter Just repeat as you would normally do with anyone else – Just be understanding and don’t do this: “OH MY GOD!” -tear So there you go! Those are our top tips for lipreading and helping a friend who lipreads Subscribe if you want to see more… stuff. About stuff. -Like this video if you like the little tips -And send Clara fan-mail. If you think she’s cute. -Or if you think I’m… something else. – Don’t send Clara fan mail if you think she’s ‘something else’! She’s got a girlfriend, she’s got a girlfriend! She doesn’t mean it! -I meant if you also think I’m funny or smart! That’s also good! It’s not only about the looks! *Jaunty Theme Tune!* I feel like I should be put away…

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  • This was a really great video, thanks! To continue on a similar theme, it would be great if you could make a video from the other perspective, about how to lip read, because I'm really awful at it and it means I can't have conversations with people in loud rooms!

  • LOVED the video! Great and useful tips 🙂

    Also, your assistant is nice, smart, and cute <3 where should I forward the fan mail? 😉

  • Once again Jessica cool stuff, it seems common sense, by way both seem top people I'd love hang out if came to Brighton one day I live so far away, oh your both stunning too . Lindsey X

  • I was practicing lipreading at my son's scout meeting because even with my hearing aides in, there was a lot of other noises and background conversations that made it really hard to hear the leader and the other parents. Since I use ASL, and they know this about me, I get to learn the scout oath in ASL and teach it to the boys as a part of their requirements. This will be fun.

  • Great video but could u do any tips for an hearing impartial person to deal with hearing groups and hearing people to get confidence and know when to speak as I have differecult in knowing when to talk in groups and I can't make out the breaks in conversations ta

  • lipreading is a good thing to leren and to remebrr when your signing to hoh or deafend deaf…etc

  • I'm slightly new to your channel and I was wondering what you meant by your hands because they didn't move afterwards

  • Hi Jessica 🙂 I loveee your channel and am currently trying to learn British sign language. As someone who is disabled and gay and lover of 40's inspired make up/fashion, you are a huge inspiration to me. I was wondering how much can you hear or if anything at all? Do you have an interpreter in videos with your wife when you cannot be looking directly at her for the whole video? Very curious:) sending love to my felllow spoonies 💗💗

  • "I know everything" 😂 creeper!

    I had a deaf person come into a store I worked in, and she was speaking. She wasn't wearing hearing aids (not noticeable ones). But I did pretty well I think. It's remarkable how often we do NOT look at people tho… That took a concerted effort on my part!

  • I know these tips generally are the same for the majority of lipreaders, and I don't want what I'm about to say to contradict, but rather to show there's diversity in these needs, for other folks who lipread who might still have quite a bit of residual hearing or have auditory processing disorder.

    I can hear a lot still and have auditory processing issues and depending on the individual there's different things that will help that me understand. I find it easier if people are speaking louder, or trying to make their own voice a contrasting pitch to any background noise so I can differentiate it better. I also prefer people doing simcom. And if I've asked for someone to repeat something several times I'll sometimes ask them to pause more between different words so I can process the syllables and add that with whatever shapes I'm lipreading and use those as clues to put what they're saying together. Otherwise it all blends together and makes it very difficult for me to understand. But that's not the first resort and going over the top or resorting to that first can sometimes feel condescending. The rest is all the same though, with waving helping etc! I also prefer people write things down or type them if nothing else helps.

  • Thank you for this video, I have a friend who needs to lip read in loud places and some people are just rude about it.
    I can hear really good, but I hate it when people walk away while we are speaking. My boyfriend does this all the time and somehow thinks that I can hear him when there is a wooden door between us. 😅

  • Your lip reading tips is beautifully explain..which is all true indeed. my sister have a hearing deficiency since baby, she also wear hearing aid. I have to make her look at me before i speak, or she will not respond. She lip read as well and apparently i learn lip read from her. And I also develop a habit to speak clearly and slowly, so that she can lip read properly. She never learn sign language, and neither did i, so we develop our own sign. Haha…just us can understand.

  • I just want to say that, from someone with aspergers syndrom. That if you have a hearing difficulties please state so. I had a someone at work who asked where something was and she started with saying "hi, i am deaf, can you help me with something?". That made it simpler for me to talk to her. (People on the spectrum often have problems with eye contact and body language) I could focus on looking at her eyes and make it easier for her and for me. I think communication a good way to make it better for everyone

  • It's kind of funny because although I am not deaf, I usually look at people's mouths instead of the eyes because I tend to "read" their lips a little bit. My hearing isn't perfect so I do this in order to understand exactly what they're saying. If someone is talking when I'm not looking at them (like their back is toward me or they are behind me) it's very hard for me to understand them 100%. Seeing their lips while also listening to the sounds helps me a lot! I think it would be really hard for me to have to just read someone's lips though. I have a friend who has two parents that are deaf, and her mom can read lips and also speak, but her dad can only sign. He can speak a little bit, but not very well so I always felt bad that I couldn't really talk to him unless his wife or daughter were around to translate. I tried learning sign language, but I just couldn't grasp it. 🙁

  • I'm not hearing impaired (or at least I didn't have any 17 years ago when I was last tested) but I'm sure I have auditory processing disorder; so I do need to lip read to supplement what I'm hearing. It's so annoying when people don't want to repeat something or immediately rephrase. Though I find that if I can't hear it the third time they repeat; having them rephrase it with a synonym or saying it in a different language is sometimes helpful (most Norwegians are practically bilingual with Norwegian and English) since the alternate words might be easier to lipread. (And if there is 2 or 3 things it could be it probably doesn't sound/look like the same 3 things in a different language.)

  • I'm losing my hearing and I am absolutely HORRID at reading lips. I can't get one word from only sight, but when I can hear them as well it helps at times. What's bad is I'm still in highschool and if i we're to just watch someone's mouth I'd get punched from them thinking I wanted to kiss them. So I miss a lot of words.

  • This is brilliant! And funny 🙂 I want to send it to everyone I know – I'm hard of hearing and very upfront about my needs, but most people need to be reminded of all of this from time to time. (Also – Clara – you're super cute and lovely)

  • This video is so important. As someone who is also deaf, it’s like a little punch to the heart when you ask someone to repeat a sentence once or twice (or more) and they respond with “Nevermind, it didn’t matter anyway” 🙁 maybe what they just said wasn’t crucial life or death information, but when you know you miss out on a good portion of everyday interactions as it is, even the small, silly conversations are special.

  • lol Staring intently at a guy's lips has definitely created some awkward moments. One tip you didn't mention was to please put or leave your teeth in… No teeth changes the shape of a persons mouth. I find it almost as hard to read them as someone who covers their mouth. Just out of curiosity, how are you with other languages. If I know the language, I can follow but if it's not a language I know well I found it confusing at first. Once i figured out thy were not speaking English, I caught up atleast with the words I knew but when their first started speaking I couldn't make heads or tails out of it.

  • This is a very interesting video for me. My mother was born completely deaf. In her childhood and at her deaf school the focus was on speech and lip reading not signing. So she cannot sign, but has excellent pronunciation and lip reading ability.
    Within our family she finds it difficult to understand my brother who is an impatient speaker that intensely dislikes repeating himself. Out of our whole family my mother finds me the easiest to understand. I find speaking slowly, clearly but normally ensures she can understand me.
    I find synonyms very useful as some words have the same mouth shape and changing one word can unlock the meaning to what I am trying to say much more efficiently.
    Plus do you know how much fun it is to have silent lip reading conversations across busy shops (usually shoe shops) to the bafflement of the poor saleswoman. We do. So much fun. 😊

  • If you don't pick up on what the speaker has said the first time, how many times would you want a person to repeat the phrase before deciding that this particular point of communication has been lost, and it would be simpler to write it, finger spell, or show you the words on a phone screen?

  • I've developed a gesture that most people get pretty easily, to show them that they have to stop hiding their mouths while speaking. It's kinda intuitive, like what you did while demonstrating with your assistant.

    Hearing culture is frustrating at times… All the hiding behind you, behind stuff, behind hands etc while talking is frustrating.

  • I ask a deaf friend about it and she said 'when they over do it, look like a idiot' and i laugh so hard. She shade our whole class

  • I took ASL classes in college and all the teachers for those classes are deaf and only one teacher could lip read and speak because her parents made her learn because they refused to accept her deafness and she said it used to always bug her when her parents would be talking to her and turn around so she couldn't read their lips. She said they figured it would teach her to hear. Don't be rude and turn your back on someone lip reading. You don't want to be ignored in conversation and neither do they

  • Jessica, hi! I've noticed a lot in your videos that you seem to know what your conversation partner is saying even when you aren't looking at them, like when you're both facing the camera- do you mind if I ask how you do that?

  • I'm trying to learn how to properly speak to a girl I fancy who is deaf and uses lip reading. We have our first video call tomorrow. I'm super nervous!!

  • I'm constantly asking people to repeat themselves since I have cognitive issues due to Fibromyalgia. I always feel bad asking because some folks think I'm not paying attention. I really am listening, my brain just doesn't catch things sometimes!

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