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How To Learn Sign Language

Lin-Manuel Miranda, Opetaia Foa’i – We Know The Way (From “Moana”)

(echoes) (echoes) (distant drumming) (gasps) (echoing) (shouts) (voices chanting
in foreign language) ♪ ♪ ♪ Tatou o tagata folau ♪ ♪ Vala’auina e le atua ♪ ♪ O le sami tele e o mai ♪ ♪ Ia ava’e le lu’itau e lelei ♪ ♪ Tapenapena… ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪Aue, aueNuku i muaTe manulele e tataki ieiAue, aueTe fenua te malieNae ko hakiliaKaiga e♪ We read the wind and the sky ♪ ♪ When the sun is high ♪ ♪ We sail the length
of the seas ♪ ♪ On the ocean breeze ♪ ♪ At night we name every star ♪ ♪ We know where we are ♪ ♪ We know who we are,
who we are ♪ ♪Away, away♪ We set a course to find ♪ ♪ A brand-new island
everywhere we roam ♪ ♪Away, away♪ We keep our island
in our mind ♪ ♪ And when it’s time to find
home, we know the way… ♪ ♪Away, away♪ We are explorers ♪ ♪ Reading every sign ♪ ♪ We tell the stories
of our elders ♪ ♪ In a never-ending chain ♪ ♪Aue, aueTe fenua te malieNae ko hakiliaWe know the way…(gasps)

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