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Lil Wayne Gun Gesture at Fans!

exports rigdata here so when we talk about will win in the past trafficz impartial word for what one
lets it popular with the way it was what in the
past actually agni don’t you give thanks for the context no between ross played wyatt hard times and
possible extent as standby and karne a little wayne wanted tickets to a
thunder playoff game and they wouldn’t give him front row seats they weren’t
given the message and he said that it will he said that those seat they said
those seats are for our fans have been with us this hallway and he is actually
set out i think more than once we’d eventually that explain the situation
and have ended with goes for says he didn’t get it we did
not see yeah i think i speak for most of america when i say my reaction that was
aqua warhead from admin assist that seems and uh… i think the response was we’d
love to have medicaid like anyone else you need to think that brought the
threat so and he wanted like have jack
nicholson seats yeah above the twelfth postal people on twitter then responded
to me they didn’t do a little women still i mean he wrote this book i see a
number of tweets from little advance and they were essentially they all ended the same way they would
begin many different ways that something along the lines thing rent yet totally
yeah uh… what you know about little way you
don’t mother aphid bitch you know step back bitch you know that that where for you you
fall bitch that’s what i have a hard and i want you to step back and tell my hat
on and i was out of it with all those that back in the fight
but it was the idea that i think first of all clearly the it should be clear hell facto care plaintiff-appellant i was
kidding uh… but so wait until great sense of humor they definitely they get
stuff they have a good sense of irony here is the story from yesterday salamat dot he game d_a_ on really four the number four dot lakers ’cause keynesian still in
touch where you’re breathing are enrolled in the past have a hundred
forty characters report away cuz ’cause dats my team and would you believe they got police to
make me leave while fought the heat their are fort suites that come in one of them is from at funny pics devel epic piccolo away getting kicked out of
the heat invent the reward tweets from people who work in the stands said he got a fight with security
pacific bell for a gun gesture he got kicked out because he did it go
and gesture to offend maybe go and gestured to some heat fans of the told
the cops obviously if you made an eager gesture during the game and he’s mad about
getting kicked out not only do throw in the world thought that he did in the
loop i mean he was going with the prime james but it seems like there’s a reason
why they are making good gesture the lakers hers to you yeah forty cents com is a twenty five tons of
first-person hi aa it you can’t make ido idon’t know
what he did ladainian just throw away now for no
reason why i’m prepared repositories around prepared to wings forty now without question heated sudden moronic and he did
dependent and he got thrown out that i personally probably like hey don’t do
that apologize whatever and he wouldn’t do it and now getting through what you
don’t matter enough to get thrown out instinctively right and even at the celebrity beach ball which was fonts and i believe i directv he was going after camera guy during mad
at you you know he was like apologized and i think she bitch if there is no added he’s charging that
the cameraman so i mean is that good for all of these
totally out of control especially with crowds around and appears i think i love my uh… fuck growing has
been the vindicate compare and all but i don’t like uh… we’re talking
before he went on the air but we don’t like chris primary on it like we don’t
care but we still take an interest in the end
of this is an island that none of the faxes a bigger issues that make the
crisper r_e_i_t_s interest for trillion seems to me to be acting in these two
instances entitled you gotta earned the credibility to act
like an idiot that i would say that he’s probably not there yet by suspect that there are
are other artists who have surpassed him you put in your time before react with
more on an n_b_a_ game urbandaily think he feels justified for
how much success he has and that’s build credibility towards him to act like an
idiot you allowed them right and i think she would that make sure they get good
tentative in bigger internet right it’s george bush it’s honor and confidence why do you know you feel like you’re
you’re the bad but you know you’ve done nothing to suggest you’re the man who
died in october so uh… that’s a pretty good waves
summarizing will win the vote the way this just like george herbert

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