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How To Learn Sign Language

Let’s learn the Alphabet! – ABC song – Letters song

A is an Astronaut
exploring the blue sky B is like a Bear
to cuddle every night C is a Cat
his fur is grey and white D is a Dinosaur
so tall and big and might E is an Elephant
he’s asking for a treat F is a Fire
and we can feel its heat G is a Gelato
it tastes really sweet H is Helicopter
and you can hear its beat I is an Igloo
It is all made of ice J could be this juice
it’s healthy and tastes nice K is a Kite
that flies up very high L is the Lion
he’s strong and a tough guy M is a Mouse
he’s sleeping trouble free N is a nest
birds houses on a tree O is an octopus
who lives under the sea P are the Penguins
they’re dancing ABC Q is like a Queen
her crown does really bling R is for Rabbit
and jumping is his thing S is a Snake
He likes to make a ring T is for Turtle
so late for everything U like Umbrella
when rain is pouring down V is like this Vulture
who flies all around W is for Wheel
in every fair in town X is for Xylophone
and we can hear its sound Y is for Yogurt
a very yummy snack Z is for Zebra
her stripes are white and black This was the alphabet, it’s fun to learn
and rhyme With all its many letters we had such a good time!

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