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Let’s learn Interslavic language – Introduction |Langlearning with Sandra

Hello everyone! Welcome to my channel Langlearning with Sandra! Today, I will teach you a language that you don’t need to learn if you are Slavic. And somehow, you will still understand mostly of it About 90% or even more. You don’t believe me? You are skeptic about this? Stay with me until the end of this video and tell me in the comments did you understand what I was saying. Welcome! Hello! How are you? Nice to see you again. My name is Sandra, and this is my channel Langlearning with Sandra. Where are you from? Where do you live? I live in Croatia. How old are you? Do you like it here? Don’t worry if you don’t understand me I will add English subtitles. Do you like this language? Do you want to know more about it and learn it with me? If your answer is yes, welcome you just became a student of Interslavic language. I hope that you will enjoy learning with me See you soon with new lessons. Subscribe to my channel and stay tuned for my Interslavic lessons. Have a nice day! Goodbye!

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