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How To Learn Sign Language

Lesson 15 Vocabulary – A Basic Course (ABC) in ASL

Lesson 15 alone beer best better borrow careful, be careful careless choose, pick committee copy, imitate dictionary don’t-mind, don’t care dry exaggerate finally, succeed government, capitol happen, occur, incident hire, invite, welcome impossible jealous, envious join, participate kill, murder listen loan, lend member offer, propose, suggest polite, manners present, give ready same-time, simultaneously schedule succeed, success summon, call take, take out take-advantage-of, rip off thief thin trophy worse (Finish)

3 Replies to “Lesson 15 Vocabulary – A Basic Course (ABC) in ASL”

  • Hi! I have been watching your videos because I have been learning ASL at college. They have really helped reinforce what I've been taught and have helped me remember what the signs are. Would you please make videos for the remaining chapters 16-22 in the book?

  • Ok Tami. We need the rest of these videos! Oh!! You know what would be cool?? If you did some videos signing some of the songs we sing at church. That would be cool! You have lots of extra time, right? 😆

  • Please find time to add the rest of the chapters in the book. My daughter and I are using this book in a course we are taking and the videos help tremendously. Thank you so much!

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