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LeBron James’s China Remarks, Gina Rodriguez’s N-Word Backlash & Google’s Pixel 4 | The Daily Show

The conflict
between the NBA and China over the Hong Kong protests
continued this week. But now, King James has stepped
into the fray. MAN:
In Hong Kong tonight, basketball superstar
LeBron James under fire, his famed jersey up in smoke. Furor growing over his response to this tweet sent
by Houston Rockets’ general manager Daryl Morey
earlier this month in apparent support of
anti-government protesters. JAMES: I don’t want to get
into a feud with Daryl. Um, with Daryl, uh, Morey. But I believe he wasn’t educated
on-on the situation at hand. MAN: Those comments setting off
a political brushfire here at home. Republican senators quick
to pounce. Rick Scott of Florida writing, “Clearly, King James is the one who isn’t educated
on the situation.” Nebraska’s Ben Sasse– “You’re parroting
communist propaganda. China is running torture camps,
and you know it.” Yes, LeBron James is getting
a lot of heat for not taking a stand against
China and their oppression, with people even burning
his jersey in Hong Kong. Which, by the way,
if the NBA kept statistics of most jerseys burned, I think
LeBron would dominate that, too. Yeah. Yeah.
Hong Kong burns his jersey. Cleveland burned his jersey. Miami burned his jersey. Like, forget Nike.
LeBron should get sponsored by Kingsford lighter fluid.
That’s what they should do. (laughter, applause) This guy’s been killing it
in every field. (applause) And you know, normally,
I would agree that NBA Players shouldn’t have
to know the intricacies of East Asia policy,
but at the same time, Dennis Rodman is basically the
U.S. ambassador to North Korea, so I don’t know
what the rules are anymore. I don’t know how it works. I also understand
why people think LeBron’s comments were
insensitive or misguided, but at the same time,
I get where he’s coming from. Yeah. ‘Cause the Houston
Rockets’ GM slammed China on Twitter when LeBron was
on his way to China. So LeBron was probably like, “Hey, man,
start this beef after I leave. What’s wrong with you, man?
I’m going there.” ‘Cause I would do
the same thing. Like, if you asked me in China what I thought about
China’s policies, I’d be like, “Uh, I think
China has policies? “And they are the policies
that allow me to fly home from China?” (laughter) All right, but let’s move on
to a more American scandal involving Gina Rodriguez. Some people have said that
the Latina actor has a history of making insensitive or condescending remarks
about black people. And yesterday, she did not
do herself any favors. WOMAN: Be careful
what you post on Instagram. Here is your fair warning because actress Gina Rodriguez
learned that hard way. ♪ Voodoo, I could do
what you do, believe me ♪ ♪ Niggas give me
heebie-jeebies… ♪ Now apologizing for using
the “N” word in a post. Hey, what’s up, everybody?
I just wanted to reach out and apologize.
I am sorry. I am sorry if I offended anyone by singing along
to the Fugees to a song I love,
that I grew up on. I love Lauryn Hill. And, um, I really am sorry
if offended you. Okay, here’s Trevor’s tip
of the day. If you insist
on saying the “N” word when you’re rapping along
with a song, uh, don’t do it on Instagram.
Yeah. Do it on The Masked Singer,
okay? Yeah. ‘Cause then,
people have to wait three weeks to see if they get
to be mad at you. Yeah. They’ll be like, “I think
that was T-Pain who said it, but if it was Donny Osmond,
his ass is in big trouble!” (laughter) I also think
rappers should help. Yeah. ‘Cause, like,
they make the songs. I think rappers could help
prevent these incidents from happening
in the first place, right? ‘Cause think about it. Rappers already make songs
that are safe for radio. I think now they need to make
versions of their songs that are safe
for non-black people. Yeah. They can just, like,
replace the “N” word with something safe
like-like, “my friends.” You know what I mean? Yeah,
just change it. Just like… ♪ And if you don’t know,
now you know ♪ ♪ My friend. ♪ (laughter) It’s a lot safer for everyone. (applause) They should just do it,
to, like, every single song. ♪ Ball so hard,
m… wanna fine me ♪ ♪ First my friends
gotta find me? ♪ And finally, some tech news
that’ll change the way you make obscene gestures
at your phone. NEWSWOMAN: Google’s newest phone
works without even touching it. The Pixel 4 was unveiled
at an event in New York City. Like Apple’s iPhone,
users can unlock the Pixel with their face, but the
feature getting the most buzz is gesture control. So let’s say you’re driving,
listening to music, and you want to advance
to the next track– you don’t like that one–
or you want to go back and listen to it again… Google is hoping the new tech
will lead to more sales in the highly competitive
smartphone market. Wow! The first phone that will turn everyone
into a magician’s assistant. Call Mom. (laughter) This really is
amazing technology. You can open your phone
just by waving at it. No one’s ever had
this technology– except the front door
of a Walgreens. -(laughter)
-Never have we seen it before. You know what’s weird is,
how, like, the way we unlock our phones is evolving. Right? Because first
we had to type in a code, and then we just had
to pick it up and look at it. Now we can just wave at it
without touching it. It feels like we’re, like, slowing breaking up
with our phone. Like, we’re just moving away.
The next one will let you unlock your phone be being like,
“It’s not you. It’s me.” You know who
I also feel bad for? Bernie Sanders. Yeah.
He shouldn’t get this phone. He’s gonna be setting
that thing off all the time without meaning to.
It’s just gesture control? He’s gonna be like,
“And that’s why we need to take on
the one percent.” -“Calling the one…”
-“No, no, no, I’m not calling! I’m not calling!
Cancel! Cancel!”

100 Replies to “LeBron James’s China Remarks, Gina Rodriguez’s N-Word Backlash & Google’s Pixel 4 | The Daily Show”

  • Firstly, you are racist, trevor! if you watch your show yourself
    Surely, we shouldnt use n*** word, but argue is, if you dont like others call you the word you dont like, you shouldnt use that word regularly

  • Sure, you westerners who have never lived in China know China better than us Chinese do. And you just want what's best for us. We will be appreciated and look you as saviors when we finally get demo of crazy. Thank you👍

  • Many rappers spout "nigga… nigga… nigga… nigga…" as if it's candy being tossed to kids on Halloween. Fuck that degrading shit!
    Beastie Boys, House of Pain, and EMINEM in the hood!!! Except when they have a "featured" black rapper who spouts that self-degrading-loathsome-shit.

  • Does America even now how hysterically insane it looks to the the rest of the world? Both your right and left wing are totally of the rails with irrational sensitivity.

  • It's odd that songs crammed full with the "N"word and other racial gender slurs go platinum, selling millions of records to all races….then we get offended by someone using a word which is now more popular culture than racist??!! If we black people are extra sensitive about the word, perhaps we should be the first to stop using it…commercially or otherwise??!!

  • USA : Do you agree ?
    Anyone : Can I have different opinion ?
    USA : Sure. You have the freedom of speech.
    Anyone : No, I don't agree.
    USA : Wrong answer. Try again.
    Anyone : Fine. I am neutral.
    USA : You don't have the balls to say yes ? Everyone, attack him.
    Anyone : Fine, I agree.

  • Its a song she was singing so relax it's not that serious take the stick out your asses mad cause someone singing along to a song wow

  • Would someone actually do some work to find out what's actually happening in HK ? Those mobs are destroying HK in the name of freedom of speech.The western mainstream medias are brainwashing everyone that those are heroes and they're doing the right thing. Lebron is the only one who has the balls to point it out. Yet, he is being attacked for having different opinion, for telling the truth.

  • Between the freedom of speech and China's national sovereignty, American support the freedom of speech.
    Between the freedom of speech and black people's human rights, American support the human rights.
    This are the double standards for American.
    The most democratic nation? So fake!!!!

  • Discrimination of China just because China is Communist is BAD. Isn't that the same like the Black being insulted and curse at just because they are black. The black didn't remember how sick it is to be attacked because of color but now, the blacks are supporting the Whites just because they are not at the end of the guns forgetting that they also were ill treated by the Whites and still are. Those who want to curse China of wrong doings must look at the true pictures from both sides and not from Western media and politicians who always painted communist as the villains. Trump is white so that why he is still the president with half of the population still supporting him and if it's Obama doing the same things, he should be impeached long ago.

  • If Rappers are saying it in music and selling their music to everyone, then people shouldn’t be criticized for singing along to the music. They should have sell versions for non blacks lol.

  • If yall gone talk shit about Gina then do the same with rapper 69 who is Mexican an uses the N word in every song and multiple times. But yet no one has said shit about that.

  • China the country Running Concentration Camps with well over 2 million people tormented, tortured and Murdered on a daily basis, way to go king james, what next your going to defend the Demonic Bloodthirsty Tyrant of Egypt Sisi and his Armed gangs.

  • Americans : there's no freedom of speech in China.

    Also Americans : YO WHY YOU USE THE WORD NIGGA?

    What a bunch of hypocritical twats.

  • Nobody should apologize for singing a song . Don’t give a shit know one on this planet at this time would have me or make me apologize for singing a song with words that any race puts in there thereselves. And if you find it offensive then don’t put them yourselves dumbasses!

  • Lebron James' comments were certainly NOT uneducated or clueless. He obviously understands that a happy China is one that is worth millions of dollars to him. And what's more important, human rights or more money for a man already richer than god?

  • Stupid Americans, please explain to the world what is freedom of speech? Mr Morey? Or a former clipper boss who made a speech that discriminated against black people? You allow Mr Morey to speak freely, but you forbid Mr strling to say what he thinks. It's a really unreasonable country

  • Gina has to apologize for quoting lyrics… but in Daily Show's next video Dulce Sloan is yelling "that niggas broke" and nobody seems to care… because we accept this bullshit double standard which is being pushed by Liberals

  • Ok… to those thinking and/or saying black people say the n-word all the time. If all black people in the world including rappers stopped saying the n-word at the same exact time, would that stop non-black people especially the racists from saying that word? I think not! 🤔

  • republicans are always putting profits over human rights. it's why they allow 45 to rob american tax payers and line his own pockets because they are also benefitting from this corruption.
    so America is NOT ok with torture camps in China BUT we have them in America filled with immigrant children who are starving and dying but republicans are ok with that?

  • If you're singing along with a song that has the N-Word in it, and you're not black, just don't sing that word. Sing anything else. Sing lalala. Even that's better than you singing the N-Word.
    Now, I ain't sayin' she's a golddigga
    But she ain't messin' with no broke lala.

  • Both of these stories are fucking ridiculous!!!! LeBron makes comment about China and everyone is in a fucking uproar……..The Latin chick says Nigga while singing a song. Big fucking deal. America is full of some sensitive ass, bitch made punk ass muthafuckas. Meanwhile, Trump says and does whatever the fuck he wants!!!!

  • people have to understand that the whole affaire around lebron isnt just about lebron. it's about the NBA , a big american institution and lets face it a big buisness silencing theire people that suporte hong kong cauz of the buisness they have with china. how can lebron say he is pro free speach when he flips when money is involved ?how can the NBA continue to suport china?

  • Not offended by Gina's N-Word lyrics because black people aren't the N-Word just ask Dave Chappelle. That word isn't synonymous with race , but behavior so anyone could emulate this word if they succumb to a lower than negative primal state.

  • U dont want people to say words that are in your song, stop putting it there otherwise, u gotta decide which word is okay or not!

  • Noah once again you sell out to the liberal bullshit. You constantly criticise Trump for the slightest remark but let James slide. I checked you out today to see if maybe you were doing something interesting but no same old bullshit.

  • Real talk my friends made fun of me growing up for it, but I've always replaced the N word with "Brother" in songs "brother's wonder why, brother's gotta die"

  • LeBron is a hero who dare to speak against the political correctness, period.

    While China is in the 1984, US is in the Brave New World.

  • No rappers don't need to change shit… Non black MF's need to stick to the fuckin radio version…

    Her apology was bullshit. White ppl never surprise me

  • She shouldn't have apologized at all. That word is not bad in any way shape or form. Especially when used in music lyrics. Now had it ended in "er" rather than "a", that'd be different maybe. Especially in 2019 where the word is used in place of the word male, guy, man, or even person. It's hardly derogatory.
    If anything, the most black people should have stood up in defense of her. I hardly believe she is a racist, I hardly believe a certain word or terminology belongs to any one ethnicity, especially in the United states of America. And furthermore, in the world of artists, as she is,
    If you want people to not be racist and embrace your culture, don't punish them for mimicking you or trying to understand your lingo and using it as you do.
    If anything she should maybe apologize for singing it the corny way that she did.

  • Since when was it not okay for Latinos to say Nigga? We say it all the time. Even with our black friends. Even Mexican rappers use it. We don’t cry when black people say mojo. We say it in the same content as homie or vato. First I’m hearing of this. If it’s meant in a racial content then yeah. Get the backlash.

  • dude, if it's part of the lyrics and I sing along, I only accept your criticism if you condemn the hole song. Otherwise it's just double standards .

  • Some Americans eager to fight for freedom of speech, but they limit others freedom of speech…

    *Hey James you can't say that!

    It is like you say "shut the F up, we are talking about freedom of speech right here".

  • “We should make a friendly version of songs everyone can sing along to”

    Vietnam flashback to “You’re such a freaky girl, I love it”

  • LOVE the 2 sec bit on LeBron Shames (sarcasm – obviously they won't attack their left hero). That idiot can speak out against gender fluidity and bathroom selection, cries racism when someone tells him to shut up and dribble….BUT….when China says shut the F up and dribble, he takes his ball and travels home. Wow, such strength.

  • I agree that Trevor was soft on LeBron. He also only noted conservative response when there are many, many moderates and liberals responding negatively as well. LeBron’s comments smack of “Let them eat cake.” His attitude showed him as more of a businessman than a human. Don’t worry though, he’ll break some NBA records and Americans will forgive him.

  • I guarantee you Lebron's contract somehow forbids (or influences) him from speaking against the Chinese Government.

    Hold Owners accountable, not Players.

  • The only people who care about Gina Rodriguez are white people. Hispanics are of African and European descent. And I dare anyone to walk up to a cholo and tell them they can't say "the n word

  • Am I the only one who doesn't understand it at all when folks get mad at non-black people just for singing/rapping along to a song exactly as it was written? Like, isn't it racist to exclude people from fully enjoying your art, based on the color of their skin? I'm sure everyone's aware that we're living in a post-factual world right now, but a post-context world is even more fucked up as far as I'm concerned.

  • So it's ok for the N word to be said in music and publicised worldwide for people to buy and listen to. But if they happen to be the wrong colour and repeat the lyrics there is hell to pay?? So it's ok for them to BUY the music just as long as they don't repeat it. Logical.

  • Honestly, who cares if she said “niggas” it ain’t like she’s white so why is it such a big deal 🙄 non black minorities say nigga all the time, if she had said “nigger” then that would’ve been different but she didn’t

  • 🤣🤣🤣 the black community dont fuck with her that's why she can't say nigga…
    Usually Spanish ppl get the "nigga" pass… hell they call each other niggas more than black ppl call each other nigga…

  • and thats why we need to cancle the 1% …. calling Wan Pai Chen…. NO NO off phone NOW IS NOT THE TIME FOR DELICIOUS THAI FOOD

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