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Lebanon protests: ‘I feel proud to be Lebanese’ – BBC News

All of the Lebanese people have come down
to their streets in all of their cities across the country. Conservative, liberal, young, old,
everyone’s here and they’re all chanting in unison
against their leaders. And they’re enjoying it. Revolution. Against sectarianism. Revolution. Against favouritism. Revolution. Against corruption. Revolution. We will not go home. We will not go home. I’ve been walking down this street
from the BBC office… past the main church, down to Martyrs’ Square where there’s the Blue Mosque, and talking to everyone about this unison and how it feels for them. For the first time in years,
I feel proud to be Lebanese. Seeing all of these people out here,
I’ve never felt such unity. There are some people who don’t want these protests to happen. But we’re just going to stay out here for as long as we can. I think the people of Lebanon are fed up from all the politicians and all the lying, and all the stealing, and everything. So I think, that’s what makes us united today. And I hope that it’s going to last. You can’t differentiate between a Shia Muslim or a Sunni Muslim or a Christian or a Durzi. We are all here Lebanese people. And this is what makes us stronger
in this revolution. If it weren’t like this, we would’ve fallen apart. But because our demands are the same, we are all hungry and want our rights, this unites us. Our minimal rights such as health treatment, education, that they listen to us our rights are not being listened to. If we all remain hand in hand and we continue to take to the streets, demonstrate and ask for our rights we will then remain a unified community and a successful one. Whatever the outcome is, whatever happens tonight and in the next few days this is always going to be remembered. The chants that people are saying, people are going to remember them. Leave. Leave. Leave. Leave.

100 Replies to “Lebanon protests: ‘I feel proud to be Lebanese’ – BBC News”

  • Hahahaha nobody cares about some shitty irrelevant country called Lebanon.

    Lebanon should either be ruled by Syria or Turkey we dont need useless countries like lebanon, andorra, san marino, naru and palau or the solomon islands.

  • Why Bbc and Europe don’t care about Azerbaijan? We also protest against our dictator government ,against Ilham Aliyev and his supporters, but nobody from Europe does care what happens in Azerbaijan, because our thieve government gave you money for being silent yes you do what suits your purpose… I have lots of words that ı want to say, but who cares

  • Some folks complain vehemently about how bloated governments are around the world, yet listening to one of these protesters gives you a clue: free this and free that, i.e., health care and education, as well as free housing, a free ride, no taxes, and any other thing in life they want. Governments, especially in the west, have become bloated with bureaucracy because the citizens want to be taken care of from pre-Natal to post-Mortem. When you have millions of free loaders living on the dole and more invading nations in the western world illegally, eventually governments cannot pay for all of this simply because those who actually work and fund free welfare are outnumbered.

    As for this protest, kicking out everyone in the government will solve nothing because those who want change and get in power will do everything they can to retain power. Power corrupts!

  • I also have Lebanese relatives! I'm British.We should all remove racism and help each others! Currently I'm in Lebanon it has been my 11th year here after I came from England but I have to admit Lebanon is a quite nice country despite the liers and those theives (politicians) and now the Lebanese people started a revolution to take their rights back from those bunch of ministers that are troubling the country which led to the revolution!


  • I'm gonna keep reminding the world that "pride goes before a fall"… Pride is of Satan… IN EVERY SINGLE INSTANCE!

    Try using the word "grateful" or "satisfied" and your heart… And eternal soul… Will feel the BLESSED 💓 difference! 💯🔥💯👍

  • Dear BBC,

    Social media is for discussion.

    If you're going to post videos but turn off comments all you are doing is dictating a narrative.

    You have your own TV and radio stations to push your agendas unchallenged.

    That's not how social media works.

    What are you afraid of?

    Why don't you want to hear the views of those who are forced to pay your wages?

  • It’s funny to me when western media only show the brown people in a multi-ethnic country……..
    Last time I was in a Lebanese school, most of the class had fair complexions and half the class had blue or green eyes while all the brown people (the minority) were called “farmers” behind their back.

  • It's a wonderful thing to see young people coming together, standing up for inequality, dictatorships, police States, crooked politicians, Exedra Exedra. The problem is that people are now starting to realize just how unequal Society really is. These people at the top, no matter how they get there, weather it's democratically-elected, a military coup, or even a royal succession, get a taste for power and realize how intoxicating money is, and once they have it all, Fayetteville f**** intention of giving it back. Did they use whatever means necessary to keep it… They hijack charity, religion, the internet, and most importantly, the hearts and minds of the ignorant. And I'm not just some loudmouth, hypocritical American. The world right now it's about to explode, in these people will do anything, even elect that f**** lying, parasite Trump. And believe me either the poor and the downtrodden will rise and try to at least get more of the scraps the rich and Powerful leave them to fight over, or we can just be smarter than them, and stop pretending these people in charge represent them… We're in a lot of trouble

  • What is it with the BBC's obsession with gay rights and the gay community? So what if two women are attracted to each other!

  • BBC keep turning their comments off, because most people don't agree with their propaganda nonsense. I'm not talking about the subject of this video, but the latest two. Vile globalist BBC, enemy of the people. We like Brexit, Trump will win in 2020 and everything else you don't like, BBC. Your comedy is all about identity and you even managed to ruin Doctor who! Tw~ts!

  • I feel so proud to be English. England is f~cking number one, mate! We invented and discovered everything and conquered a third of the globe. We also beat all the maddest dictators and still had time to abolish slavery and improve rights for women and children. We are better than anyone. England is better.

  • All Arabs all over the Middle East must start their protest against their corrupted governments which have been stealing them, destroying their lives and screwing them!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • the lebanese people have shared their opinion about how they are frustraited with their rulers.please sign a peace treaty with your southern neighbour israel and you will experience true peace.this peace gesture is long overdue.long live lebanon,the patrotic lebanese,and the awesome flag of the true lebanese.god bless lebanon,and all the true lebanese and israel the chosen people of god.

  • its good lebanon protesting for their rights their demands
    but hope may it dosent convert into an arab spring and become a horrible suitiation like syria libya yemen

  • Sing in the voice of freedom and allow the change to be
    It is the symbol of goodness , progress is going to be ,
    Know the truth to set you free,
    Our eternity is a key ,
    Have a good insight for all to  see, God bless Lebanon symbolized by a Cedars tree …
    God bless the world to improve
    AND FOR transparency and justice we agree…
    Blessings are abundant like a sea ,

  • If only the Jews had the balls to stand up against their own violent and corrupt thugs who hold power in the land they stole from the Palestinians.

  • "They try to heal the breakdown of my people lightly, saying: "There is peace! There is peace!" when there is no peace." Jeremiah 6: 14.

  • Lebanese: protests

    Corruption be like: aw shit here we go again..

    seriously ppl.. grow up.. c.u.z. to being really honest about the situation right now, in a few months the movement is going to fail unless of course there is international and nationalistic support.. just like what happened in syria.. also i'm tired of the protesting supporting thingy.. it's just to cliche maan

    but because i'm just another netizen.. ofcourse i'll leave my own opininon on, not my support sometimes

  • God bless lebanon ❤🇱🇧 I'm iraqi and we are going in a bad time 😢💔 God bless lebanon and Iraq ✊❤ #fredroom

  • Why are they so "proud to be Lebanese"? What has Lebanon ever contributed to the world? What's so special about it?! It's just another Arab country with values that belong to the medieval time.

  • Lebanese women are a little butter

    These people seem proud to have remained in the feudal age, almost out of the stone age

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