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How To Learn Sign Language Lesson 32: Books

Hello! Welcome to LearnSigns episode 32. In this episode I am going to talk about books. We’ve seen this word before. BOOK. And then BIBLE is you do JESUS’ BOOK. So you do, JESUS BOOK – BIBLE. LIBRARY – Where you can get BOOKS. LIBRARY is just your letter L and you are
making a circle. Now this circle for me as a right-handed person
will be clockwise. From my perspective it is clockwise. If you are left-handed then it will be counter-clockwise. So you go from the inside up and out. LIBRARY. Or, if you are doing it left-handed, LIBRARY. BOOKSTORE – BOOK and then you do STORE. This is the word for SELL or STORE. BOOKSTORE BOOK SHELF – A couple of ways to do this. BOOK and then you can do SHELF. BOOKSHELF You are showing the ledge you put the books
on. Or, I do this. You can do BOOK and then line them up like
this. Or just do that if it is clear you are talking
here and you are going to flip the pages. Flip the pages with your letter D. DICTIONARY, DICTIONARY ENCYCLOPEDIA is like that except it is with
the letter E. ENCYCLOPEDIA MAGAZINE – MAGAZINE. It is a small book. So you’ve got the small spine of the BOOK and you are showing the spine and how thin
it is. So that would be MAGAZINE. It is also PAMPHLET or BOOKLET. MAGAZINE, PAMPHLET or BOOKLET NEWSPAPER – This is the word to PRINT. PRINT. It is also just the general word NEWS. You would get your NEWS in PRINT. NEWSPAPER You will see it like this. Or I do it like this. I do NEWS and then I open a large NEWSPAPER. NEWSPAPER like you have a large PAPER there
right in front of you and you are opening it up. NEWSPAPER SCROLL – Like you are opening a SCROLL. Or it could be a SCROLL this way. You just wiggle your fingers like you are
pulling something open. SCROLL And then to do all of this, to actually enjoy
the content in all of that you have to READ. READ. You take your eyes. These are your two…represents your two eyes. And you are going to READ down the page. READ OK? Let’s go through those again. BOOK BIBLE LIBRARY BOOKSTORE BOOKSHELF or BOOKSHELF DICTIONARY ENCYCLOPEDIA MAGAZINE, PAMPHLET or BOOKLET. A small BOOK. NEWSPAPER NEWSPAPER SCROLL or SCROLL And then READ. And of course the reason I am talking about
books this week is I have released the book, Learning Sign Language. It is available at Amazon right now. I am working on getting it available at the
Nook bookstore. Right now and for the next couple of weeks
it will be available for $5. At Amazon, and as soon as I can get it on
Nook I will have it there. If there are any other bookstores you would
like to see the book available at then let me know. Send me an email at [email protected] and I will try to make that available as soon
as possible on that. You can go to to get more
information about the book. Or this episode is Thanks for watching!

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