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Learn Turkish – Turkish in Three Minutes – Thank You & You’re Welcome in Turkish

Selam bands aha
hi I’m Zelda welcome to Turkish class 101 cones each stack ekkada to check the
fastest easiest and most fun way to learn Turkish in the last lesson we
learn how to introduce ourself in Turkish in this lesson we’re going to
learn how to use good manners as we thank people ah solutions are you ready
hi Dabashi llamosa 1 so let’s start then there are several ways to thank someone
so let’s start with the easiest it is just one word
they shake your lush TEI shake chewed lash the secular means
thanks another casual way of saying thanks is solve solve
when saying thank you you just need to use the shaker Adam
they shake crush Adam I didn’t means I give so – aquarium is like saying I give
my thanks in the last lesson we mention both the informal and the formal way of
speaking Turkish if you want to be more formal there’s another phrase you should
use chop the shaker Adam chalk – a Koosh Adam let’s break this price down the
shaker that means I give my thanks you probably remember chalk from the
last lesson it means very and when we add it to the phrase it’s strengthens –
I credit them and mix it more formal how do you answer when someone thanks you
it’s easy there are basically two different ways to do it
the first is use Shady’s Bechet please you say this literally means it’s
nothing you’re saying that there’s nothing worth thinking you for the other
way to say you’re welcome is the expression Sauron days Sauron days
literally this phrase means no problem but it has become a common and polite
way to respond to someone thinking you so when someone says they secular to you
simply reply with yes Shady’s or sodam these now it’s time for Sara’s insights
if you’re not sure about whether to say t shake your – or chop the sacred item
keeping it simple is always your safest bet you don’t have to worry about formal
or informal situations the secular can be used with just about anyone anywhere
and at any time do you know what hoshikawa means in our next speech the
cacao touch Ellison you will learn this and other great things in Turkish
Kurdish Rosetta you

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