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Learn Turkish – Turkish in Three Minutes – Numbers 1-10

c’est la marca – pancetta hi everybody
I’m Sahara welcome to Turkish class 101 comps which
the Kokoda to check the fastest easiest and most fun way to learn Turkish in the
last lesson we learn some words use van apologizing in Turkish including alpha
dishonest and buzzer delayed in this lesson we are going to learn numbers in
Turkish yes numbers so you’ll ash from one to ten and you’re going to learn
them only in three minutes which the kike are you ready let’s start then
pshhh pshhh Ichi Ichi Gooch Gooch third third fish
fish all too
Alton Edie Edie sick is sick is tapas Dokus and finally
on on okay now repeat after me I’ll say the numbers and give you time to repeat
each one fish Ichi
each dirt
fish Alton
Leedy sickies
tofu’s Oh great job what is before bish do you
know let’s find out then ready so fish so fish you don’t have any more excuses
you can give your friends your cell phone number in Turkish let’s try
together we will use the phrase mininum new modem which means my number is Benham numeral Bingham numeral fish Gooch Gooch pH ET
de dirt tacos all tickets can you read it by yourself Pesche Gooch Gooch is eeky eeky dirt
Bocuse alta sickest perfect do you know the Turkish word for a hundreds in the
next lesson we are going to learn the numbers from 11 to 100 in Turkish your
task is now to practice numbers we studied in this lesson from Beach to on
Jewish Messiah you

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