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Learn to sign: Homes, Rooms, Furniture, and more

Hello! Today we are going to learn signs related to the home. Different types of homes include… House Apartment (APT) building dorm Your home has different rooms, such as… Living Room Or sometimes “Living Room” — same as Living Room Kitchen or kitchen dining room bedroom Bathroom basement Attic closet hang the clothes office Now, different types of Furniture TABLE can also mean DESK, but sometimes people fingerspell “desk” They might sign it just like TABLE, or they might fingerspell it Laundry room Lamp sink Refrigerator — has three different types of signs I’ve seen… Some buildings have an elevator Stairs Wall Floor Hallway Yard. or “Yard” (grass area) and “back yard” Door Window We can review signs older about where things are: Street Street number / name Your ADDRESS Town ZIP for zip code State Country Front door commute How do you commute? Train Subway Bus Car airplane bicycle motorcycle If you take the train, sign it like this. If you drive, sign it like that. Airplane — you FLY-to. It kind of follows the same “noun-verb” rule that we’ve learned previously. Your commute is how long? COMMUTE HOW-LONG? 10 minutes? 30 minutes? 1 hour? Do you live near or far (which)? I think that’s it! Thank you for watching.

46 Replies to “Learn to sign: Homes, Rooms, Furniture, and more”

  • THANK YOU ???? SISTER amazing ??/ i like the way u teach ??? fabulas ????/ it is easy to catch when we have a sound >>>>>. AND ONE MORE THING IS THAT theire is any sign book published by u or by other one

  • I know you are SUPER busy trying to keep up with all these 10,000 comments and requests and what not – But can I please make a request please? I haven't check all your vids yet – BUT I want to learn "Tenses of Verbs" – such as – "I run, I ran, I will run" Past, Present, Future. Can you teach me please?? I greatly appreciate it.

  • Hi! I'm really liking your videos. Very clear and I like your signing. Question though, I kept missing the word sink….I kept seeing s i u k! Your n looks like u, in my opinion! Is that a style preference?

  • have you seen this music video that Andy mineo made for hia deaf sister. it's what got me interested in learning asl.

  • Your videos are very helpful! Sometimes you will sign 5 or 6 words before saying any of them. This is very confusing to a beginner. Could you please arrange the audio to overlay the words being signed? Thank you!

  • I have watched some of your other sign language videos your voice interpreter is not talking when she should be.

  • Hello! I love your videos, I am just starting to learn asl. I noticed some of you videos have subtitles and some do not. I love the ones with subtitles because sometimes I cannot clearly hear your translator, then I am really lost lol.

  • Regarding the first sign you show for "refrigerator," it looks the same (to me) as the sign for "ready," as you demonstrated in another video. Are they the same sign, differentiated by context? And thank you! Excellent videos that my kids and I are using to learn!

  • I really love enjoy ASL I'm lorning I want to help pleaple to communicate sing launges thank you for teach us I really enjoy lot thanks

  • I'm not deaf but me and my friend are learning asl so we can just learn something new and exciting beautiful calm its amsinig.

  • I am hearing, my brother is deaf. I like your pace, style, facial expressions etc., it's easy for me to follow you. Your explanations help me communicate in the deaf world so much better. I like the videos best that have an interpreter. Thank you thank thank you! You make the world a beautiful place one finger at a time

  • I love your videos and think the pace is perfect. I like how you actually throw in proper asl grammar as well.
    Can you make a video on why you sign? And why you think it’s important for hearing people to learn sign? Thanks

  • Thank you so much for making the signs and then turning sideways so you can see what they look like from a different point of view. my landlord moved a deaf gentleman into the house and I don't know ASL. Your videos have been a big help in basic communication

  • Woooooow I really enjoyed this video! I’m taking ASL 5 but there are some signs I don’t know since I barely used that vocabulary. Furniture was one of them.

  • Thank you so very much for repeating the signs & explaining them. For us beginners, that's very important! U r one of my favorite 3 signers. Love ya!

  • Your subtitles fizzled out a few times and at the end. What is the last sentence? Is it your address near __? or what was it?

  • You will have to do this video again you are too fast and will be ok to see sideways too. I am learning but I try to follow you but still … 🙄

  • Hi Meredith, I watched the new version of this video but it doesn't include furniture. Can you please explain the difference between the ways to say "refrigerator" and other similar signs? I see no difference between the first way and "ready" and the second way with "cold". Thanks so much.

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