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Learn the ASL Alphabet | And Tips

Hey people! It’s me, Jordan. I know there is a lot of other videos for you to learn fingerspelling, I just wanted to make a video for no reason. I know that a lot of my friends watch my videos and most of them can’t fingerspell. Let’s start! First, here are some things you should know: When I fingerspell, I can see letters in my mind. When I talk, I can see fingerspelling in my mind. A lot of fingerspellings look like letters. Some don’t. You should try seeing fingerspelling or letters in your mind, too. That can help you remember the fingerspelling letters. Second, here’s the alphabet. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Letter A: “A” looks like a lowercase “A.” (I’m not sure why I see that but I do.) B, C – “C” looks like a “C.” D looks like a lowercase “D.” “E” kinda looks like a lowercase “E.” F, “G” looks like a lowercase “G.” H, “I” looks like a lowercase “I.” “J” looks like a lowercase “J.” K – I sometimes would say that K is P and that D is F. K is pointing up and P is pointing down. (Just like the letters.) L – M has three fingers, N has two fingers. (Also just like the letters.) O, P (pointing down) Q (also pointing down), R S, T U, V – V is U opened up. W – V has 2 and W has 3 (like the letters.) X, Y Z – drawing the letter Z. When you remember specific words you can say them faster (no surprize there). Like my name. I say Jordan fast. I can say my name fast because I specifically remembered that name. (So basically practice people’s names and your name.) With names you don’t have to always sign the full name. You can make your own sign name. Like the name “Marine: You can say (me making up random signs for the name “Marine.”) Something with the letter M or starting with letter M. I think some words have patterns like “The Beatles” My favorite. When I learned “Beatles” remembered the pattern. I started practing with B-E-A I would sign B-E-A, B-E-A, B-E-A, B-E-A over and over When I got that, I signed B-E-A-T, B-E-A-T-L B-E-A-T-L, B-E-A-T-L-E, B-E-A-T-L-E-S OK! I hope the video helped you! Thanks for watching! Bye!

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