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Learn the Alphabet with Peppa Pig!

A A is for Apple Ouch! Mmm.. B B is for Butterfly C C is for Car D D is for Dinosaur Dinosaur! George loves Mr. Dinosaur. Grr! E E is for Egg F F is for Frog I’m a little froggy! I’m a little froggy! G G is for George H H
is for Horn I I is for Ice Cream J J is for Jack in the Box K K is for Kite Daddy Pig flies the kite very well. Yes, I am a bit of an expert at these kind
of things. L L is for Lemonade Finished! M M is for Muddy Puddles! Peppa loves jumping up and down in muddy puddles Everyone loves jumping up and down in muddy
puddles N N is for Nurse Suzy I’m Nurse Suzy, open wide and say ahh O O is for Owl P P is for Parrot I’m a clever parrot I’m a clever parrot Q Q is for Quack R R is for Rain It is raining today so Peppa and George cannot
play outside S S is for snowman Snowman is wearing his hat and scarf and gloves T T is for Teddy Here’s some orange juice for you Teddy Thank you very much Peppa You’re very welcome Teddy U U is for umbrella V V is for Violin Oh, oh dear. I do not think it is meant to
sound like that W W is for worm X X is for Xylophone Y Y is for Yawn Peppa are you sleepy No, Daddy – I’m not sleepy at all Z Z is for Zebra Mr. Zebra the postman is delivering a parcel
to Peppa’s house Parcel for you Mr. Pig Thank you Mr. Zebra!

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