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How To Learn Sign Language

Learn the alphabet | Letter A | How to write | Fine Motor Skills | Pevan and Sarah

♫ It’s Pevan & Sarah ♫ Hi there cubs, are you ready to get your
finger out? We’re gonna write a capital A So start at the top and go straight down.
Then back to the top and straight down the other side and then you just draw a
bridge across the middle. Great! How about we try a lowercase ‘a’. We start in the
middle go round in a circle and straight down. Well done!
Can you guys think of any words that begin with the letter ‘A’?
How about a…a…apple? What about the word ant? and how about astronaut? Great! they’re are
words that begin with the letter ‘A’. So get your finger out and you try a
capital ‘A’. Let’s try another one. How about a lowercase ‘a’? and one more… Well done! Say bye finger! finger says: See ya!

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