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How To Learn Sign Language

Learn the ALPHABET in ASL and Spanish at the same time!

Hi, everyone. Welcome to our channel! We are so excited to teach you about Spanish and (American) Sign Language at the same time. Dean, what are we going to learn about today? The alphabet! A, ah B, beh C, seh D, deh E, eh F, eh-feh G, heh H, ah-cheh I, ee J, hoh-tah K, kah L, eh-leh M, eh-meh N, eh-neh O, oh P, peh Q, koo R, eh-rreh S, eh-seh T, teh U, oo V, beh W, doh-bleh beh X, eh-kees Y, ee glee-eh-gah Z, seh-tah Hi, guys. I hope you learned as much as I did. Let’s go review! Now I know how to spell my name. Deh Eh Ah Eh-neh That’s me! [Dean] Okay, guys. I hope you enjoyed our video
and learned lots. Don’t forget to look for more videos on our channel because, Dean, what’s coming up next? Numbers! See you next time. Bye!

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