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How To Learn Sign Language

Learn Thai – Lesson 5: Excuse me, Can You Speak English?

welcome back to thai part 101 that
counts Lanta in three minutes the fastest easiest and most fun way to
learn thai from the previous lesson we learn cocoon car
thank you corta I’m sorry my pen dry it’s okay
just imagine UI in Thailand with family suddenly your daughter got a bad
stomachache from seafood in this lesson we are going to learn one of the most
important survival faces excuse me can you speak English in order to find some
English speakers and ask for help look what we have here couture excuse me
I am sorry use these phrases in order to attract someone’s attention
if you are male say hot hot cup if you are female say corta car tour is gives
me porpoise are and clip they might means can you speak English
again if you are male say who pass our unclip die make up if you’re female say
put pasta and clip die maker put pasta and clip die my can you speak English
let’s break down this sentence the subject you is omitted then put if the
word which means speak pasa means language unclip means English then you
have died which is the word mean can or could my is a word that make a sentence
equation put pasa and clip die my poor pasa unclick dime eyes
town for Ruben pontine padam do fly when you ask for a favor
Thais are very kind even though they can’t speak English they will try to
find someone else to help you until now I’m sure you’ve got some idea about Thai
language culture and country find more about Thai at Thai port
see you next time Sawadee kha

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