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Learn Thai – Lesson 4: Thank You and I’m Sorry

so a dica sabaidee maker how are you
welcome back to thai pot thai entry minute the fastest easiest and the
most fun way to learn thai how much do manners matter in thailand manners are
everything in this lesson you are going to learn how to say thank you I’m sorry
and how to keep a response in Thai this is super easy and you learn them all in
3 minutes so here are the three phrases Kop kun
Kop kun Kop Kop kun car Kop kun thank you next car toward quarter cup Cotter
car car towards excuse me or I’m sorry and next my pen dry my pen break up my
pen dry huh my pen dry means never mind that’s okay don’t worry or no problem
let’s practice these three phrases in three different situations cocoon car corta cut your car cut your car cut or craft
town furrow in ponds in pattern use my when saying this versus Kop kun thank
you Couture excuse me when you want to
attract one’s attention my Pendry nevermind remember ties always mine
that’s why it is called Thailand the land of smile in this lesson you’ll
learn one of the most important survival purses excuse me do you speak English
see you next time

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