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Learn Sign Language With Jazzy: Family | Jazzy

Hello everyone. Welcome back to today’s video. This video is about Learn Sign Language with Jazzy, I’m going to teach you all another sign video for my viewers who want to learn BSL (British Sign Language). I feel weird as this is my first time wearing glasses on the camera, I normally don’t wear my glasses on the camera because.. I don’t know. I got my glasses a couple of months ago as I couldn’t see far away without blur so I will need to wear my glasses. Anyway, my eyes are tired today which is the reason why am I wearing my glasses. I just feel weird. I think this is my third video teaching you guys in sign language, am I right? Yes, I guess that I’m right. I THINK. I haven’t filmed this type of video in a long time, the last time was last Winter/Spring, this was like five or six months ago. Today is finally the day to film another Learn Sign Language With Jazzy! I’m looking forward to teaching you all signs. Today I’m going to teach you all family signs. I will try my best to remember to sign all the family signs I’ll make sure that I don’t miss anything. Comment below to let me know if I’ve missed something. So, I really hope you enjoy learning sign with me. This is the sign for a family. You can sign it either way. Just spell it out, ‘nan’ or you can use this sign. I know you might be confused with both signs as they look similar but really, they’re both a bit different. This is auntie, two fingers closed. Uncle is for two opened fingers. There are lots of different signs for cousin. You can pick whatever you like the best, it’s for your own comfort. This is the sign for step, for example, step mum and step dad. Just say S in British Sign Language. Sometimes I sign this, like stepping on the floor. Step mum, step dad. BUT.. I’m not exactly sure if this is part of British Sign Language rules. Just ignore me, this is my way. It’s easier to say S in BSL, but I like to sign something different. I’m trying to think of other ones… I think this is it. I really hope that I don’t miss something!! like I’ve missed signing Orange in another video where I sign all the colours. I just hope that I don’t miss anything this time. Anyway, I hope you’ve learned something today. Comment below what you want to learn on next catorgies, like animal signs or something like that. Just let me know! I hope you’ve enjoyed learning sign with me! Thank you for watching, don’t forget to subscribe. Bye bye! I’m always not sure about which side I should have my hair. Ignore me, I talk crap. Bye byeee!

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