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Learn Sign Language with Jazzy: Alphabet and Colours | Jazzy

Hi Welcome to Learn Sign Language with Jazzy. This is my first sign language video; teaching you all how to sign. Most of you are confused with what sign language I’m using like ASL or BSL etc. I’m using BSL which is British Sign Language. I’m British, not American. I’m telling you that because some of you thought that I’m American. BSL (British Sign Language) and ASL (American Sign Language) have some similarities, but they are quite different like ASL only uses one hand and BSL uses two hands. BSL and ASL are quite have quite a lot of differences. Some signs look the same but have different meanings like BSL sign for ‘What’, is ‘Where’ in ASL. Strange. Why am I teaching you all how to learn sign? Because my hearing viewers want to learn to sign. Some of them asked me to do a sign video, I thought I’ll make sure I find the time to film a sign video. Finally, today is the time to teach you guys to sign! I’m so looking forward to teaching you all. I’m teaching you BSL (British Sign Language). So, today I’m going to teach you some of the basic signs so it’ll be easier for you all. I don’t want to teach you quite hard signs, because you will need to build your confidence with sign language. I know it might be not easy to learn sign. Sometimes people pick up sign easily but others find it difficult. Everyone is different. Today, I’m going to teach you two different categories. one is alphabet and another one is colour. I’m going to start with alphabet so you will understand better with colour signs. I feel like this is a BSL class. I’m really excited to teach you guys. I would love to see hearing people learning sign. It will be fantastic for the community. Hearing and deaf people have difficulty communicating so learning sign is really helpful. It’ll give them the confidence. So I’m going to start with A,E,I,O,U the vowels, then the rest of the alphabet afterwards. So you will understand better. This is A, E, I, O, U. Now, I’m teaching you the rest of the alphabet now. Quite a lot of people that are learning sign, sign this as a B. This is wrong. This is the right one. ASL uses the full hand C, BSL only use the two fingers C. I’m showing you this so you could see the J clearly. But you could sign J in relaxing way. Some of the learners sign Q in another way which is wrong. This is the right one. Sign this like as a cross. That’s it. The alphabet is now finished, was it easy or hard? Now, I’m going to move on with colour. Red, Red, Red. Blue. Green, Green, Green. There are two signs for Yellow. You could pick this or other one. White, White, White. Brown, Brown, Brown. There are two signs for Purple. You could pick one what you prefer. Pink, Pink, Pink. This is my favourite colour yay! Black, Black, Black. Cream, Cream. Grey, Grey, Grey. Gold, Gold. Silver, Silver, Silver. I think this is it. I can’t think of another colour. Sorry if I’ve missed some colours. So far, I’ve been teaching you the alphabet and colours. I’ve finished now. I hope you’re enjoying learning BSL. I definitely will do another sign language videos. Comment in the description box; what you would like to learn other category signs like animals etc. Please can you let me know. I can’t believe that Christmas is coming very soon time flies. Christmas is next Sunday..! I’m really looking forward to Christmas. A lot of you guys have asked if I know ASL. I know a bit of ASL like the alphabet etc. I really want to learn International Sign Language because it’s interesting to learn different sign language from many different countries. I will learn one day. Sorry if I didn’t use my voice as I have a sore throat. I had a bug recently. BSL is my first language anyway. Thank you for watching! I hope you all have a lovely Christmas. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017. I hope you enjoyed this video. Byeee!

52 Replies to “Learn Sign Language with Jazzy: Alphabet and Colours | Jazzy”

  • I appreciate this! I am fluent in ASL and want to learn at least basic BSL.
    I think you missed the color Orange…?
    Thank you!

  • This is a great video, I'm deaf and BSL is also my first language as well so could follow you very well. I agree that it is best to teach other people sign language because it will give deaf people access to stuff they could not access before. Like I said, great video! 😉

  • This is awesome! Thank you for making the video 🙂 I would like to learn the BSL alphabet at least, so I will be returning to this video. Do you have an recommendations for other places to learn some basic BSL online? Also this is really odd but I found the video was triggering my asmr haha, super weird! 😛

  • I'm learning BSL, because I became partially deaf 6 years ago and the doctors told me I will loose all of my hearing eventually, so I think its good to learn now before I do 🙂 plus! my ex girlfriend was profoundly deaf and used sign (she also had a CI and was oral) but she encouraged me to learn to better the way hearing people see deaf people. but this video helped me so much, thankyou!

    could you possibly do a video on things such as;
    – basic questions (what is your name, where are you from ect)
    – feelings/emotions
    – hearing/hard of hearing, deaf
    – animals!

    thankyou again and have an amazing Christmas and new year! ❤

  • Very interesting, I am fluent in BSL, my parents are both Deaf, but you sign colours different, the only one that's the same is black. What part of Britain are you from because I know there are regional signs

  • I’m American and was curious about some of the differences between our sign languages, so I decided to watch. I do know a few signs in my country’s sign language.

    I hope you feel better soon. If I may say so, you might have a secondary bacterial infection. If your remaining symptom(s) doesn’t/don’t completely clear up soon, you might want to see a doctor. I’m speaking from recent, personal experience.

  • I came here through a tweet from Rikki Poynter, really looking forward to more of these 🙂 I took a 1 day BSL course when I was in high school and I was pretty chuffed with how much of the alphabet I remembered 🙂

  • Heyo, I am currently learning BSL and i've been learning almost 3 months (27th December will be 3 months) And I'm so happy I finally found a British youtuber that does BSL it's great honestly and is really going to help me. On another note, I did understand a lot of what you was saying but still yet to learn the word order 🙂

  • I am deaf and use ball wanted to show my friends this because they needed to see the colour I signed because I am not always understandable

  • Great video, Jazzy! There is ONE color you should have mentioned – ORANGE!! So what's the sign for orange??

    Please make more videos teaching more BSL!

  • I hace noticed Jazzy uses more English word order. In ASL, many signs are different than if you use SEE* (sign exact English) or PSE because you are signing more visually. I assume the same for signing.
    Is there more of a preference in the UK for BSL over PSE/SEE or is it like in America where there is quite a lot of controversy?

    *I think the equivalent to SEE is the acronym SSL???

  • I'm hard of hearing and I know a conversational amount of ASL, though I'm not totally fluent. Trying out the BSL alphabet along with this video was so different! I personally find the ASL alphabet easier, so I have much respect for BSL users and their crazy fingerspelling skills!!

  • I'm so glad I've found your channel! I was just thinking about how useful it would be to watch a channel that signs BSL, I'd love to learn sign language myself and it seems like most of the channels I've found on YouTube do ASL. Thanks for helping me to learn 🙂

  • This may be a stupid question… But if you use the wrong hand for example in the alphabet, do the signs mean something else? Or is it just… Wrong? Or is it OK to mirror?

  • i like learn your BSL i am from USA and i learn german language ( GSL ) too i try to learn different way i done look world USSR and FINLAND , SWITZERLAND, SWEDEN little hard for my to learn

  • Wow! Your video is very awesome! It's fun watching you teach British Sign Language; whereas I was taught SEE (Signing Exact English) and ASL (American Sign Language). Is BSL "similar" to Auslan (Australian Sign Language)? Just wondering. Anyway, keep up with all the great Vlogs you do! 😀

  • great that you teaching some of the basic signs in BSL. i found you which you're the Deaf too. Hope you keep up to video another signs in BSL I love to still learning. i'm From the Philippines.

  • Thats why i didnt recognize many signs at the beggining! I'm learning ASL, not BSL 😂😂😂 im new to this channel so i didnt realize you're british.

  • I thought I had lost the rest of my hearing. Watched half the video before  I realized there was no sound.

  • This is cool! I'm fluent in ASL and I can kinda get what you're saying in the beginning 🙂 thank you for this video!

  • I have known sign language for 30 years. ASL, SEE, Pidgeon ect. This seems so foreign to me. I feel like I should know it but I don't..seems so strange to me. but it is a beautiful language.

  • This is really helpful as I want to be a speech therapist when I’m older and so I wanted to learn sign language. You’re really pretty btw cx

  • I live in America, but I don't know whether I should do BSL or not. I'm wondering if other deaf people hear speak ASL, or BSL, or all of the other languages.

  • Basic greetings would be so good , I’m really trying to learn bsl and I am picking some signs up from watching your video

  • hi i’m trying to learn sign and i’m just wondering is their a certain hand that you have to use for certain letters of the alphabet or does it just depend on whichever one of your hands is dominant? x

  • I know the ASL letters. And yep it's really different from BSL. Like there's a huge difference between the two

  • Wow, BSL is really different then ASL I learned ASL. You have all my support and love Jasmine!!!

  • I really love how a lot of the colours were based on letters! I thought that was quite cool and also proud of myself for realising 😂😂

  • Thank you so much jasmine! You did it nice and slow and repeated so I didn’t have to rewind and I learnt my numbers and letters nice and quickly! Thank you! 😊😙💕

  • Could you please teach me some simple phrases so i can have a conversation with someone in BSL? I think that would be very helpful! 💕💕❤️

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