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How To Learn Sign Language


Hello everyone, welcome to my channel! Finally I’ve finished my college last Friday So let the summer holiday begins! Woohoo! You might be notice something new in my bedroom The fairy light! I have the retro prints on the wall I wanted to make my bedroom looks tumblr It make me happy when I was wake up looking at the photos on the wall So today in the video is about the sign language part 2 I will teach you how to sign colours Let’s start! Red Blue Green Yellow Either Pink Purple Orange This is same sign as fruit White Black Brown Cream Grey Gold Silver Dark and Light For example, Dark blue Light blue All of these colours sign are the same Dark red Dark pink Dark Green Light purple Light red Whatever.. You can say in the sentence But really, there have different sentences between English and BSL (British Sign Language) Because they’re a bit little similar but difference sentence For example, When you are speak in English like ”What is your favourite colour?” As in BSL way is, ”Your favourite colour what?” BSL do not included using voice and it contains more body languages and facial expression I think that’s it! I hope you guys are learning something new Thank you for watching, bye!

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