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How To Learn Sign Language

Learn Sign Language: Manual Alphabet

Hello. Today we’re going to be learning the alphabet. In American Sign Language. First letter. A Make sure your thumb is on the side. You always face the person your speaking with or signing to. B Thumb in the middle of your palm. B C It looks like a C. Close it. Bring your pointy finger up. D Always face the person your communicating with. E Thumb across under all of your bent fingers. F Pinches. All of your other fingers up. F G Pointy finger out. Thumb up. G Middle finger out H We went from G to H. I Simply your pinky up. To make the J, your only going to bring it down. You make a J in air. J J J The hardest one for most people is the K. Two finger out Your thumb placed between them, slightly. The other two down. K You’ll see this more when we get to P. L L M Use three fingers. Your thumb over your pinky Bring these three fingers down over your thumb. To where it’s sticking out slightly. M N. You’ll do the same thing. Only with two fingers. Thumb over Bring it down. N So, we had M. N O P. Same thing we did with the K. Two fingers out. Thumb between. Only this time, you’ll bring it upside down. P K P Q Simply take your pinchy fingers Bring it down. Q R Simply cross your fingers. R S Simply a fist turned forward. With the thumb in the front. S T This time your taking two fingers. With your thumb between them. Bring them down. T U Two fingers together. U. Now you’ll separate them for V. V U V W You almost see the W shape. X Just a crooked finger. Y Your thumb and pinky, with the rest down. Y With the Z, you simply make a Z in the air. Z Z And that’s it for today. Thanks for watching!

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