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How To Learn Sign Language


Do you want to play, if you do, subscribe
to our channel! [Music] [ It’s Playtime, It’s Playtime,
with Kai and Alex!]>>Alex: Elizabeth, don’t forget! The Party
is next week. It’s a barbeque and pool party at my house
OOps! Oh, Kaurie!>>Kaurie: Hey Alex!>>Alex: What are you doing in my school? You
don’t go here.>>Kaurie: I’m volunteering for extra credit.
And I’m teaching the preschool sign language. By the way, where is the preschool classroom?>>Alex: It’s straight ahead that way>>Kaurie: Okay thanks Alex, I’ll see you later! [School Bell Rings]>>Speaker Annoucement: All of you will have
an hour of class each day with the sign language teacher
joining our school.>>Ms Stevens: Morning Class, as you just heard
we will be learning a new language and we have two
volunteers here tohelp us today.>>Kai: Yay! That’s Kaurie, That’s my sister!
Hi Kaurie!>>Isabelle: Hey Kai, that’s your cousin Amy
from the Park.>>Jenny: Hi guys, my name is Jenny and I’m
here to assist Kaurie in teaching you sign language today.>>Ms Stevens: And we also have a new student
joining our class whom some of you may know. This is Amy. Say hello Amy.>>Kaurie: Okay, can anyone tell me what the
first letter here is?>>student: It’s A>>Kaurie: Yes, very good!
And the next letter?>>student: S>>Kaurie: Also correct.
And who can tell me the last letter?>>student: L>>Kaurie: Excellent! A S L. Which stands for
American Sign Language. Let’s Begin!
Oops, let me introduce myself. Hello, my name is Kaurie and I am your teacher.
Today we are going to do A B C’s. Everyone follow me, and you can put your hand
up like this.>>Kaurie: A is for Apple Great Job Everyone! Now let’s try B
B is for Banana Now who can show me B?>>Kai: I can!
B is for Banana!>>Kaurie: Very good Kai! That’s Perfect!>>Jenny: Great guys! Now, who here can tell
me what the next letter is? Anybody?>>student: C!>>Jenny: Exactly! It’s C! And to make the
letter C in sign language, we put our hands like this. In a cup shape and
you hold it up, like you see me doing.>>Kaurie: Great! C is for CAT>>Kai: Ooh, a cat!
That girl Jenny has a toy cat. I want to touch it and hold it!
Can I please touch the cat?>>Jenny: You sure can! But make it quick.
We’ve got to finish the alphabet.>>Kai: Oooh it’s soft!
I want one!>>student: I have one of those.>>Ms Stevens: Okay, we’ve had a look at the
toy cat. Now everyone gather back around so we can finish the alphabet.
Come on.>>Kai: C is for Cousin too!
Right Miss Stevens? Amy is my cousin.>>Ms Stevens: Yes Kai, C is also used for
the word Cousin.>>student Laura: Miss Stevens, I really have
to go to the bathroom Really Really Bad! And I can’t hold it! I really gotta Pee!>>Kaurie: The bathroom is over there.>>Ms Stevens: Okay Laura, it’s almost time
for our bathroom break and recess if you can sit
still a little longer.>>Laura: okay, I’ll try to hold it then.>>Isabelle: Me too, I gotta pee too!>>Kaurie: Our next letter is D>>Kaurie: D E F G H I J K>>Kai: Yay! K! K! K is for Kai!>>Kaurie: Yes Kai.
K is for Kai. And my sister is Kai Does anyone have any questions?>>Kai: Yes, I’ve got a question! When are
we going to the Bathroom?! I gotta Pee!!>>Isabelle: Me too!! Over Here!>>Kaurie: In that case, we’ll break here.
And I’ll let you all head to recess and the bathroom.>>Ms. Stevens: Okay, Line up everyone!>>Isabelle: I’ve got to get in line first
because I have to go the most.>>Ms Stevens: Isabelle, you have to wait your
turn like everybody else. We’ll all get a chance to use the bathroom.>>Isabelle: Awe.. Man!>>Kai: Hey, no pushing!
>>student: Hurry up, we gotta go!>>Isabelle: Wait for me Guys! [voices playing]>>Kai: I’m on the slide! Weee!!!! Agghhh!!!>>student: Push me Higher!!
[laughing]>>student: Kai, how did you learn sign language
so good?>>Kai: My sister shows me at home. Oh, here comes Miss Stevens.
I think recess is over.>>Ms Stevens: Okay children. Recess is over.
We’re going to head back in.>>Kai: Back to our A B C’s!!

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