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How To Learn Sign Language


Hello everyone! What’s up?! I am so excited about this video I will teach you how to sign I am using BSL (British Sign Language) Every country has different sign languages It is not the exactly same as BSL For example, In America, they uses ASL (American Sign Language) BSL and ASL are so different BSL uses two hands, and ASL use one hand For example, My name is Benny I know some of ASL a little bit But it is so interesting I will teach you how to spell alphabet in sign There is another video This is Jasmine (Jazzy) doing alphabet and colours in the video I will put her video’s link in the below It would be great if you want to learn sign language You’ll meet the deaf people that you never met before Most of the people in my class at my college They all want to learn sign language It would be good for them to learn Because they want to be able to communicate with deaf people It is hard for me because I am signing all the time and I also use my voice I’m in a hearing world I have to communicate using speak It would be good if everyone is learning sign for deaf people’s sake Make. Us. Happy! Let’s start I’m going to start with the vowel And then the rest of the alphabet afterwards Use the fingers as five Start with ‘A’ ‘E’ ‘I’ ‘O’ ‘U’ Use the two fingers in both hands like this Then put the fingers together, like this Use the punch fist then put in there together Use the both hands in flat Put both of them together like this In the same position of ‘I’ And then move down directing to ‘A’ Use the one finger Use other one finger in other hand And bend the finger Then put in together as ‘K’ One finger Put the hand on Use the 3 fingers and put it altogether as ‘3’ Put the hand on Put it down and use the 2 fingers Use the one finger Use the two fingers and stick together like this Use sign as ‘zero’ like this Use the one finger then join with into ‘zero’ sign Use the full hand Use the one finger and then bend the finger like this It should look like ‘R’ Use the last fingers in both hands And then put it together like promise finger sign Use the flat hand And the one finger And put in that area of edge Then poke it into the edge Use the two fingers and split between the fingers as it should look like ‘V’ To spilt each fingers And then put in together Use the one finger in both hands Then turn around like this It look like cross Use the hand and separate by thumb and the fingers like this Use the one finger Use the full hand in both hands Both hands need to be still and straight hand Like this And then poke into the middle on the other hand Like time out sign That’s it! I really hope you find it really useful for you guys Anyway, I would like to say thank you for watching I hope you guys enjoyed it Bye, bye

9 Replies to “LEARN SIGN LANGUAGE – ALPHABET | Benny Ngo”

  • I been learning ASL in college since I grew up with learning a bit of Korean Sign Language.

    Thank you for always making great videos 🙂

  • This is so much more interesting than ASL. The letters make loads more sense to what they look like when written in English

  • Really nice to see that your classmates are interested in learning sign language and are actually learning it 🙂

    I'm not sure what I should think of people who said to me that they've always wanted to learn sign language… but don't really show any effort doing it, not even a single sign.

  • Hello🙋🏽
    Are you member of deaf world love sign language V.I.P
    Group on Facebook?
    It's not my groups but I love it

    I love deaf world 🌎 and I regularly post videos to deaf just like myself.

    You can check it out maybe you like it

  • This is a great video 🙂 I like how you took the time to explain the signs… When I've had some alphabet shown to me it's usually been so fast. Of course it's easy for people who have the language as their first language, or maybe even for people who are used to signing in general, but as a hearing person with no Deaf friends it's pretty hard to get it right so I appreciate the explanation ^^'

    Also, a possibly stupid question… in BSL, is it ok to do the letters with the wrong hand? Or mirrored? Or do the signs then mean something else (or just become wrong) if you do that?

  • question – if i communicated with you using Makaton would you be able to follow me ? great video by the way!

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