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Learn Polish – Polish in 3 Minutes – Thank You & You’re Welcome in Polish

test yes turn Jana hi I’m Jana
welcome to Polish part polish kitchen denoted the fastest easiest and
most fun way to learn polish in the last lesson we learned how to introduce
ourselves in Polish in this lesson we’re going to learn how to use good manners
as we thank people go toffee are you ready let’s start there are two ways to
thank someone let’s start with the easiest one is just one word gin quia
gin Kuya Jin Qin means thank you when saying thank you very much you just need
to add bars Oh Jim Kuya bars Oh if we want to thank a friend usually with a
different more casual word genki genki genki is very similar to the english
things so you shouldn’t use it when your friend it’s something especially nice
for you or when the situation is serious we usually use it to thank for small
favors for example if a friend bought a drink
for us lend us a pen help us carry our bags and so on how do you answer it’s
easy here are two different ways to do it
the first is Nima’s at saw near maza so this means you’re welcome numa’s also
can be used with anybody except in a very formal situation in such cases it’s
better to use this expression she emerged pomorie strongly she emerged Oh
moe a strong yin literally this phrase means pleasure is on my side it’s not a
very common thing to say among young people or between friends and family
members but it will be considered very good manners if you answer with this
expression in the formal situation such as while talking to your boss or
speaking to someone much older than you you can also simply say it to someone
you don’t know very well so when someone says ding queer to you you
reply with near Masato or Shana super moist Rania if you hear Genki it might
be a bit too much to respond to this casual phrase by saying near Masato or
CMOS Ronin so how might you react then you have two
options first one is just to say nothing don’t worry it’s a normal thing to do
the second option is to say Spokeo spa cop this means something like it’s cool
if you want you can also answer using this phrase NEMA problemo new mah
problem this means it’s no problem now it’s time
for your Anna’s insights if you want to keep it simple just use gen Kuya or
Jinky a bar though and you want to thank someone it doesn’t matter whether the
situation is formal or informal it’s always the same remember not to say GM
no spumoni strongly to your friends because it will sound a little bit weird
if someone thinks you saying Genki just answers Paco but please note
that these two words are very casual do you know what W Anja means in our next
lesson you’ll learn this and other greetings in Polish Jin quia he does a
battalion on a signal XE

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