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Learn Japanese – Japanese Body Language and Gestures Lesson 1

Hello dear listeners, time to test your language
knowledge, body language that is. First, I will show you the gesture, next I will give
you three choices and you guess the correct meaning. Lesson 1, understanding Japanese body language
and gestures. Ready? Here is the gesture. One more time. Is the meaning?
A) Thank you
B) I am sorry
C) No way The answer is B, “I am sorry”.
This gesture means I am sorry and also means “please do me a favor”. And it is usually used by women. ごめん! (Gomen!)
When doing this gesture, we often say
ごめん! (Gomen!) which means “I am sorry” or おねがい! (Onegai!)
often say
おねがい! (Onegai!)
which means “please”. Do you know the meaning of this gesture?
Find out in the next lesson.

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