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How To Learn Sign Language

Learn how to create a loving ESL class for kids

I know live-streaming okay my doing it
is it happening oh no no and if you guys can can we can hear my little baby it’s
cuz he’s right over here beside me so here’s a little introduction ah
say hello! baby Odin, say welcome to English language games yay anyways ah so we’re
just trying to figure this out get all started out but if you can can hear me
if this is where can a okay and you can see my sweet little baby Odin please
give me a little thumbs up for a little hello and let me know that this is
working correctly there we go yay oh my sweet baby so in today’s video I’m
starting to do this new video series that is all about teaching English to
young learners in a very effective loving caring way okay say bye bye sweet
baby bye hey wait you go with Daddy for a little bit okay yeah you sweet baby we
love you this is a family event here anyways
thank you so very much for joining me and just a quick reminder if you’re not
familiar with me I’m teacher Karlee and I so lovingly go by that name because one
of my students started calling me that in my school in Honduras so that was how
it it came to be and kind of stuck so much so that I ended up creating a
website and that’s now where I have my my
website and my my training programs and my book I also have there on my website and so this YouTube channel though English language games is
really dedicated to giving fun and engaging games and songs and activities
and and for your ESL classroom as law as well as some teacher tips on how to
engage your students how to get them to pay attention how to get them to be
motivated and really participate a lot more in your ESL class I know it’s a
struggle sometimes so I am just here to share my experience and my knowledge and
and what I’ve learnt along the many many years that I’ve been teaching English as
a foreign language and here here I am for you guys so um let’s get started so
in the last video that I actually posted on Facebook I talked about I kinda left
you guys I’m a little bit of a hook say you know kind of introducing the concept
of what we were going to be talking about in this video series for the month
of June and I kind of left it at right at a point where it was just about to
tell you what we were going to what the theme of this month June June challenge
is going to be all about so I’m going to introduce the video here in this today’s
video is called let me see if I can get it here yah ha ha what teachers would
otherwise miss out on and if so in this next in this next video clip that I’m
going to show you it’s a part of an interview that I did with Kwan Ruby who
is an international teacher trainer Annie he specifically talks about
effective language learning if you’re not familiar with that you can check out
his link below and but in this in this video clip here I’m going to give you a
short little introduction as to what what we’re going to be talking about in
this this June challenge so without further ado here we go Eddie every type of imaginative circle time
and how you can use circle time to really motivate and engage and get your
students to participate and feel warm and welcome to and loved in your
classroom so if you’ve ever struggled a little bit with the dynamics of your
young learners English as a Second Language class then this video is a sure
thing for you yes circle time is a very important moment it’s that moment in
which children arrive in which they’re greeted in which they can slowly enter
into the english-speaking environment and it’s a moment in which they perceive
that they’re a part of that group so we foster a very important sense of
belonging and I think that’s so important here because when when we feel
loved when we feel welcomed we we are so much more calm and relaxed and it’s in
that state that we didn’t we didn’t have that freedom and that self-confidence
right to express what it is that we every want so it’s about creating that
environment creating that warm loving inviting space so that children feel
like they can it’s okay to make mistakes that they can spit out whatever English
they do that they do know and they know that
they won’t be charged that nobody is going to be criticizing them that
they’re in a warm safe environment perfect so there you go there’s your
little snippet for today of what this video series is going to be about so
it’s all about circle time and creating this fun warm loving environment and so
now I’m curious to hear from you guys what first of all do you already use
circle time and I if you do how has it been for you what’s your experience with
circle time and if you haven’t started introducing circle time yet into your
ESL classroom I really highly recommend that you follow us along here on this
journey because even if you do use it we’re going to be sharing some really
fun engaging little tips and strategies and activities and some very important
do’s and don’ts of a circle time that you can use to incorporate in your ESL
class so this also kind of reminds me actually and I wanted to share with you
this was also something from here we go you can see this all screen here this
little image this was something that I included in my ESL classroom management
secrets training course and what I specifically talked about was how no one
our brains no one’s brains are equipped to to
concentrate and to learn when we are in this fast state and this was this fast
state is something that I learned about and now I’m just sharing with you and
what the fast state stands for you can see here it’s fear anxiety stress or
threat so when we are in these states of fear anxiety stress or threat our brains
just shut down and there’s no way that we can open them up to – to allow
learning to come in and to feel confident in you know speaking because
it does take quite a bit of confidence you know to get up the courage to do
speak another life language right it can be a little bit
scary at first I know I’ve done it many a times and you know you have to get
over that fear of making a mistake get over that fear of having other people
you know laugh at you so I really understand from you know from young
learners points of view with it can be kind of scary so in in my training and
also throughout this video series we’re gonna be talking a lot about how you can
avoid that fast state and how you can instead create different use different
activities and create different ambience –is that will kind of allow your
students to to open up open up their their minds and open up their hearts
right to create that love in that bond between them between all of you as a
classroom so thank you so so very much for watching today and please remember
to subscribe here on youtube and also on facebook to keep updated because i’m
going to be kind of switching back and forth between the two during this month
of June and then the wonderful world of the magic of circle time we’re going to
be talking about and if you want to make sure that you keep updated and and you
don’t miss any episodes any little segments of this of this series then
also please go to my website here there we go
ah how do a kick-up we’re here there we go got it please go to my website here
English language Gamescom and you can sign up there to get access to all of
them all of the the videos that are going to be in this series awesome okay
so just to sign off for today just wanted to say thank you thank you so
very much for for for watching and I look forward to hearing your
comments and finding out how you views circle time in your classroom how it’s
worked and what what other know what your experience has been please feel
free to share below here in the comments thank you so so very much and bye now
from teacher Carly remember to keep learning laughing and loving Hey
bye now whoo here we go still trying to figure out this technology thing where
my hairy cow

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